30 days of Torah parenting ~ Day 2

Monthly challenges can be great fun. They help us improve our lives one little step at a time. Great changes take little bits of work over time. So I am pleased to bring you a month of ideas to help you improve your Torah parenting skills. I am excited to hone myself during the month of November, and I hope you will join me. Please take a little time to do the project each day and share your experiences with the rest of us each day. Some projects are fun, some are a little more serious. Enjoy!

Day 2 ~ Read your children a Bible story.

If you want your children to live biblically, they must know what is in the Bible. They must have Biblical heroes. I know it sounds so simple, but reading the Bible to our children can get overlooked. You can use Bible storybooks, but I would encourage you to read straight from the Bible if at all possible. The Bible accounts are rich with so many details and word pictures. I think you will be amazed at how fascinated your children will be with the original.

Be sure to tell us all about it in the comments! 🙂

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11 comments on “30 days of Torah parenting ~ Day 2

  1. We have started reading and discussing your Torah portion printable stories with the kids on Shabbat, and then I read from the NT during their regular Bible time for homeschool (last year we did OT stories but it was part of a curriculum). My older children are reading straight from the Bible. We are all memorizing Deut 6:4-9 right now, as well as other verses that are special to our family. Anyway, we have had wonderful discussions about all kinds of things and it’s amazing how much the little ones are learning (right along with mom and dad!). (:

  2. I have to tell we have added the Audio Bible in the morning, what a gem and yesterday my daughter told me a story, a dream really about poking frogs…..don’t ask, ok apparently I had a talking, poking frog and she was showing it to her friends….I am lovin it!

  3. You are right Heidi, reading the bible can be overlooked. We’ve been reading the bible in the mornings for years now. And rereading gets better and better each time. We try to read a little in the old and the new each day.

  4. We find the torah portions helpful too (when we remember to do it!) The audio bible has been helpful for us as well. Loved that last Shabbat.
    Reading from the Bible is so important- totally agree!
    Love Lusi x

  5. In our high tech world, it is a shame to overlook good old fashioned reading of the W-rd! There is nothing that compares to these two things….reading the week’s parsha and sometimes, just simply letting the Bible fall open randomly and reading what G-d reveals! Torah study is important at our house, and the kids have filled many a notebook writing out all the commandments! Good post!

  6. We are doing the auido Bible everyday :o) Yesterday we finished up The tower of Babel and today we will start Abraham! We love old fashioned reading out loud too, though it is a blessing to change things up a bit. :o)

    Could you add my button too? Thanks!

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