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89925-thumb140I was so excited by the email I received yesterday announcing a new ebook! My husband and I have been wondering how we can better fill Shabbat with appropriate activities that help our children to focus on their Creator. We have a structured time of studying the Torah portion, but after that we often don’t have anything else planned. Are you in a similar situation?

Evonne Mandella of Wholesome Learning has put together her love of the Hebrew language and Scripture, and her enthusiastic fun writing style in this Shabbat School curriculum. It is designed to give a structured and fun time for children meeting together in a Messianic congregation or families at home on Shabbat. Each week, you will study a chapter from Proverbs and do some fun activities to back up the lesson. On feast days, simply set aside the Proverbs study, and do one of the feast studies found in the back of the book. There is also a Hebrew word to learn each week with flashcards that can be hung on the wall. Many of the feast studies also include snack ideas.

To give you an example from one of the lessons, let’s take a look at Proverbs ch. 2. After reading the chapter together, you will be learning about secret treasure. You will learn the Hebrew word for treasure, have a treasure hunt and even draw treasure maps! What a fun way to add some more depth to your Shabbat and learn some Hebrew along the way! The lessons are simple, written out and fun.

You can get your own copy of this ebook at for $2.99.

To give you a little more detail about this ebook, here is a description from the author.

Shabbat School Curriculum!

Messianic Congregation or Home Use

Over 260 Pages of Messianic Inspiration!

Each Shabbat Congregations or at-home families will Enjoy Hebrew, Devotions, Art,

Hands-On Learning, Discussion Time And More!


Or, be inspired to start a Shabbat School in your own home with your family, neighbors, and friends!


Learn About The Feasts In A Fun Hands-On Way!

Sprinkle your learning with Beginner’s Hebrew!

Celebrate With A Purim Party!

Build A Sukkah Or Camp-out As A Congregation!

Have A Mini Passover Seder!

Celebrate All Year Long! (With A Curriculum Break for Summer!)

With A Focus On Discussion and Character Building!

Make This An Unforgettable Year In The Adonai!

Can be enjoyed by Preschoolers to just before Messianic Bar/Bat Mitzvah Age!


Get Ready for an Adventure in the Tanakh!

Written From A Messianic Jewish- Christian Perspective!

Your students will learn a New Hebrew Bible word with each lesson in this one of a kind Biblical experience! 

Your students will be encouraged to grow in the wisdom from Proverbs, Mishlei,

as you pray and study together.

Enjoy Art and active games!

We use all items easily available for our hands-on learning.  

Over 260 pages! Includes Devotions, Talk About It Sections, Art Assignments, interwoven into the trusted portions from the

King James Version!

Beautifully Color Illustrated!

Giant Artistic Flashcards for each Hebrew Bible word studied! 

Song suggestions for learning your Hebrew Alphabet! 

Easy Reading English Transliteration perfect for beginners!

Optional Hebrew Pronunciation Guide!

However, you do not need to know Hebrew to do any of these Devotions! Each Devotion highlights the beauty of the Hebrew in a simple to understand manner.

They are easy and fun!

Highlights Will Be:

Building A Simple Fort!

Decorating A Sukkah!

Making An Obstacle Course!

Having a Purim Costume Party!

Searching for Hidden Treasure!

Making and Blowing a Pretend Shofar!

Enjoying A Mini Passover Seder!

And So Much More!


Enjoy the “Hebrew Roots” of the Word!

Designed to be simple to prepare and use for multiple age levels!

Based on the text from the Family Feast Bible, also by Evonne Mandella.

Remember, you can get a copy at for 2.99.

We can’t wait to do lesson 1 this Shabbat. What will you be doing with your children this Shabbat?

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