Lech Lecha

Welcome to Torah portion Lech Lecha.

Lech Lecha means Go for yourself.

Scripture passage: Genesis 12:1-17:27

lech lecha

Read Aloud from My First Torah

Elohim told Abram about His special plans.

He told Abram to go to a new land.

He would bless Abram and his children.


Abram did what Elohim said.

But there was no food in the land.

So Abram and Sarai went to Egypt.

Abram told a lie to the people of Egypt.

Elohim did not like that.

So Abram had to leave Egypt.


Lot was Abram’s nephew.

Abram and Lot both had many animals.

They decided to live in two different places.

Lot lived in the grassy valley by the city of Sodom.

Abram lived in the land of Canaan.

Elohim promised Abram that his children and grandchildren would get this land.


One day, Lot got kidnapped by some bad kings.

Abram took many men and rescued Lot.

Then, Abram met a priest of Elohim.

Abram gave a gift for Elohim to the priest.


Abram liked living in Canaan, but he was sad because he had no children.

He did not understand how Elohim could bless his grandchildren.

So Elohim made a covenant with Abram.

A covenant is a promise that Elohim cannot break.

Elohim told Abram to get a cow, a goat, a ram, a turtledove, and a pigeon.

Abram cut the big animals in half.

This was a very special way to make a covenant.

This showed that anyone who broke the covenant would be like those animals.

Abram fell asleep while Elohim walked between the pieces of animals.

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