Moms need copywork, too

My life is filled with meal preparation and laundry, squabbles, cleaning, teaching, and even a few meaningful conversations. Often, each day runs into the next, and monotony can set in. We learn to be very efficient at what we do, but we never challenge ourselves, or question the deep issues of life. We might get worked up over the lastest current event on social media, but we don’t get worked up at the existence of sin in our lives. This happens to all of us, at least for a season. It’s a dangerous place to be, though. If we are busy and distracted, we aren’t much use to the Kingdom. We aren’t living a life that wooes other people to the Father. But there is hope.

Scripture copywork, which I have promoted for children for years, is also very useful for moms. I have been copying Scripture for several months now, and it has been very beneficial for me, spiritually and emotionally. Unlike simply reading our Bibles, which can be ineffective due to distractions, sleepiness, etc., copying Scripture engages more of your brain, and requires you to pay attention. It firmly sets Scripture’s timeless ideas in our minds so that we have an easier time meditating on and applying those ideas. We need to keep ourselves fueled with the bread of Scripture, first, to avoid the aforementioned monotony, and second, to have plenty of spiritual material with which to feed our children.

How do we go about Scripture copywork, to make it as helpful and meaningful as possible?

Use monthly Scripture writing challenges

I have filled a Pinterest board with printable monthly challenges from various bloggers. Many are topical, or seasonal, or work through a single book of the Bible. These challenges usually have you copy 1-3 verses a day. I find them very useful for exploring a certain topic, or for a season when I don’t want to copy a whole chapter, which I prefer. If you are just starting copying Scripture, these are a great way to get started.

Get yourself a simple notebook, or something fancier, like a journal or a traveler’s notebook like the ones in my etsy shop. Each day, copy the selected verse or verses, along with the date. Read it a few times as well, to help you to think on it through the day. You don’t need to do any kind of decoration for this to be beneficial. Just copy and think on the verses. I sometimes choose to copy more surrounding verses to help keep it in context, so be sure to look around the suggested verse to see if that would be helpful in understanding the verse.

If you would like to record your thoughts on the verse, which I highly recommend, you might want to consider setting up a pattern in your writing like mine. I copy verses in print, and write my own thoughts in cursive to keep them separate at a glance. I’ll talk more about what you can journal in the next point.

Copy chapters at a time

While copying 3-4 verses is great, and particularly helpful on a busy day, copying more is ideal. Context is so important, which is why I try to copy a whole chapter when I can. Getting the flow of a whole passage is helpful in understanding Scripture better. On good days, I copy a whole chapter and journal on what I learn. Notice that I said – on good days. I don’t manage to do that everyday, but it is what I aim for. At the end of the day, it’s better to copy one verse and at least know that I spent some time in Scripture, learning from my Heavenly Father.

Wondering what to journal about after you copy Scripture? Here are some ideas.

  • Look for cross reference verses to copy.
  • Define key words.
  • Write about how you may find the passage challenging to put into action.
  • Write about areas where you are convicted and need to repent.
  • Record any “lightbulb” moments.
  • Copy key or repeating phrases.
  • Look for lists in the passage to write out.
  • Draw a picture of a particularly visual passage, such as Psalm 1.
  • Write your prayer.
  • Write action steps you plan to take in response to the passage.

Use decorations for motivation and enjoyment

I have a board on Pinterest where I pin ideas for Bible journaling. I, personally, do not journal in a Bible because I want to show respect for the words of Scripture by leaving them alone. I copy Scripture in a separate journal, and I leave my copying alone. I decorate my personal journaling with stickers and washi tape. That is my way of honoring Scripture. I do, however, highly recommend that you decorate your Scripture journal. Prettying up the page does two things. It helps you to look forward to your time in Scripture. It also invites you to look back on past pages and read the verses and your journaling again. Revisiting old studies is a great form of meditation.

Whether or not you decorate, and whether you copy 1 or 20 verses, commit now to spend time copying Scripture. It is one of the best ways I have found to fill my mind and heart with the precious words of Scripture. The more filled up I am, the more I grow and behave as my Father desires.

Have you started copying Scripture? What method are you using? What idea above inspired you the most?

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4 comments on “Moms need copywork, too

  1. I would love to journal more, but it is excruciating just to find the time to sit and read, and then get in some gentle stretches/exercise and some point in the day. My children wake up alongside me most mornings. What time of day do you set aside for this activity? Any suggestions on how to accomplish this? I’d love to make it a priority in my life.

    1. Here are some ideas for you. I often copy Scripture while I’m eating breakfast and drinking coffee. I don’t know if your children are school age yet, but I copy verses alongside them working on their assignments. (mommy’s schoolwork) I also pull out my Bible and notebook while taking a break from chores and sitting for a few minutes with my feet up. I have a lap tray near my chair, and I pull it out to have a writing surface. Perhaps one of these ideas will work for you. Blessings!

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