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Our school – blow by blow

We have recently changed things up a bit in our school. This change came about mostly because Doug and I sensed that too much was falling on me, and I needed a bit of relief. We needed the kids to take more responsibility and work more independently. So when I saw a friend of mine selling her copy of the
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lech lecha 002

How do I homeschool Torah?

“Hear, O Israel: The LORD our God, the LORD is one. You shall love the LORD your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your might. And these words that I command you today shall be on your heart. You shall teach them diligently to your children, and shall talk of them when you
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Rubber boot homeschool – history alive

I have decided to start writing my rubber boot homeschool posts again. Why, you might ask? Well, because I want to.  And I missed writing them. And I’m excited about the new approach we’ve been using of late. And I want to show you that I really do have an understanding of grammar, no matter what the last few sentences
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At our house

When you hear a redwinged blackbird sing, you know everything will be okay. This was our front yard only a few days ago. Everything was white and getting to the barn involved a knee deep trek. Doug had some difficulties in the wonderful world of aviation, and we used the tractor to tow his truck into the driveway twice. But
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Our schoolroom

It’s a new year, and I decided it was about time to reclaim the office. It had become a dumping ground for everything that we didn’t want in the living room. And the living room has its own problems. I have a table in the living room where I keep track of all our bills, do schoolwork, write, and run
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Torah and homeschooling

Also: Rubber boot homeschool week #12 My website is all about Torah family living, and homeschooling is a big part of our family life. So, I’d like to take this week, and possibly some future weeks to discuss how I feel Torah affects our homeschool. Just as an explanatory note, we lean very strongly toward Charlotte Mason principles. Simplicity Keeping
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Rubber boot homeschool week #11

Here I am at the end of another school week. My Thursday night checklist is posted on the corkboard by my desk. For some reason, there is a cookbook, sippy cup, bottle of vitamins, and half a carrot next to my laptop. The kids are just settling in to sleep. Noah is nursing, so I have assumed my usual typing
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Rubber boot homeschool week #10

I have been spending some time working on homeschool materials for Sadie this week. She is a smart girl, but there are some areas where I want to spend some time. Aspergers is not a “disability” in my view, but she does need to be taught some things on purpose, where other kids are simply catching these ideas. Social Skills
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Rubber boot homeschool week #9

Torah I went over to Restoration of Torah Mimistries and downloaded the children’s parsha study. This week, we have been studying Rebekah at the well. I love this story. It was the theme of the sermon at our wedding. The study is laid out very nicely. It tells you which verses to read, and then asks questions, and helps you
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language arts

Rubber boot homeschool week #8

I like when things work. I like when my children succeed. This week, I was able to enjoy some small successes. Perhaps the world would not bother to take notice, but I did, and chose to celebrate in my heart. This week we will be exploring the wonderful world of language arts. Writing I’m a writer. I love to write.
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homeschool spontaneity

Rubber boot homeschool week #7

This week I would like to write about spontaneity. Homeschooling is a beautiful thing, because it allows for spontaneity. We are commanded to teach our children when they rise up, when they lie down, when they walk in the way. Torah is what we are to teach, but as I have been learning, Torah touches all the corners of our
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Rubber boot homeschool week 6

We are back from two weeks vacation for feasts. It was a rather average week, but I’m learning that there is something to learn and something to share even during the average weeks. Here are some things we did on the homeschool front this week. Geography We have been learning about the seven continents. We have memorized them, and learned
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Hebrew vocabulary cards

I would like to introduce another way I am trying to include Hebrew in our daily lives. They are called Hebrew vocabulary cards, The idea is simple.  The card has a picture and the Hebrew word. I also included a cheat sheet to help you and a corresponding worksheet. Download here This set includes the words: hat, storm, tortoise, fish,
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Rubber boot homeschool week #5

Wow, we have already finished a month of school! I hope you are enjoying these posts. It has been very good for me to write them, for several reasons. I have to have something to write about, so I don’t get lazy. I take pics. I usually have to have a reason to do this. I think through what I
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Rubber boot homeschool week #4

We had a shorter week to allow time for Feast of Trumpets.It was a week of learning to be flexible and a week of learning to be strict. I learned to be flexible in science class. We moved to the couch so everyone could cuddle and see the pictures. I also decided to rearrange the order of science books planned
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Rubber boot homeschool week #3

It was nice to get back to a relatively normal school routine this week. Last week, I felt like I was up to my ears in hot dogs and jerky. Nearly 50 lbs later, the butchering is all done. Toddler Highlight The little people in our house get to be part of the fun, too. Elisha has taken his education
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Wondermaps! Review for Timberdoodle

I am pleased to bring you a review of Wondermaps, a very exciting geography tool. This software program is basically a one stop shop for all your map needs. It has 350 maps and an ingenious layering tool that allows you to customize each map. With a few clicks, you have a personalized map ready to print. It has modern,
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Homeschool 2011-2012 Week 1

Isn’t that an awful title? I’ll try to be more creative next time. So we had our first week of school this week. I could say it went well, or I could say it didn’t go so well. I think mostly it was about learning to work with life in the middle of school. I wrote out a very detailed
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Sadie’s Stories

I don’t normally do a separate preschool curriculum. Normally the little ones sit with me while I teach the bigger ones. They participate where they can, pick info up by osmosis, and stay out of trouble. Everyone’s happy! But this year, I felt the need to do something different with Sadie. She is child #4, not quite big enough but
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Our school materials 2011-2012

I plan to start our school year on September 4th. I have done a lot of thinking and revamping over the summer. In some areas, I was being too gentle, meaning not pushing hard enough. We have worked very hard all summer to try to get everyone up to par in math and reading. So here is my 2011-2012 general
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