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Thank you so much for your interest in my email list. I have put together a resource library of goodies for you. I hope they will each be a blessing to you. Once you are signed up, you will receive a welcome email with the freebies at the bottom, and you can also download the freebies at the bottom of any email.

I try very hard to only send you useful information and links. I aim to send out emails once every Tuesday. I look forward to seeing you each week. Thanks for letting me help you on your Torah journey.

Some of my current goodies include:

  • Daily homeschool record sheets
  • 2 weeks of Bible copywork from Joshua
  • Torah portions printable
  • Scripture coloring book
  • Hanukah read aloud story
  • screentime printable for children
  • repentance printable
  • alephbet seek and find worksheet, and flashcards
  • parenting printables
  • Beginner’s Guide to Torah Living ebook


If you would also like to take one of my free email courses, you can sign up for them below.

Shabbat mini course

Time management mini course


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