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We all know the importance of reading the Bible with our children, but how often do we do it? When we do read together, how interesting is it? Do you feel like you are just going through the motions and everything feels a bit dry?

It’s time to change things up a bit! It’s time to use My Bible Study Notebook! The next time you read the Bible, pull out My Bible Study Notebook and have your child complete one page. Hint: It’s great for grown-ups, too. The pages will have you doing different activities like drawing, interviewing a character, creating a map, copying verses, making a comic strip, etc. Let’s see how much your kids remember now!


I am so excited to bring you My Bible Study Notebook. It’s a great tool for bringing your Bible study time to life. I was inspired by Robin Sampson’s wonderful homeschool book “Heart of Wisdom Teaching Approach.” (affiliate link) She highly recommends getting your children actively involved in the learning process. Notebooking is a great way to do that. Basically, the concept is simple. After reading the Bible together, have your child fill out one page from their Bible Study notebook. I have created 30 pages that repeat randomly throughout the book. That way, each day over a month or so, they will be engaging with the Scripture passage in slightly different ways. Some days, they will illustrate the passage and copy a key verse. Sometimes they will find key words and define them. Other days will be a bit more challenging as they find commands and write about how they can personally follow those commands. Moms and Dads shouldn’t be afraid to dive in and complete a page as well.

My children and I have been using these pages and it has been a great opportunity to see what my children are picking up when we read, and gauge their understanding. If you take the time to print the whole book and put it in a binder, you will have a full year’s record of their learning, as well. For those who use “Homeschooling Torah,” this would be a great addition to your Bible time.

This is a printable PDF, you will not receive a physical book. You may print it as many times as you like for your family. 182 pages, black and white.

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