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Are you looking for a way to teach your children Torah principles? How about during their history time? I use various history books, all of which are great starting points for teaching Torah principles to our children. This ebook will allow you to assign reading assignments, and the worksheets will guide your child through summarizing their reading and comparing it to Torah. They will also learn one command each week.


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I use this worksheet system with my children. I assign them history reading for each day at the top of the first page. I use a variety of history materials, including textbooks, story based history, original source documents, etc. After the child has read their history for the day, they should give a brief summary on the page. At the end of the week, they will need to pick either a character or an event and compare them to Torah principles. Search for ‘history’ at www.torahfamilyliving.com and you will find several blog posts with examples of how to do this. I allowed room at the bottom of the history worksheets to put a weekly grade.

Our children need a good foundation in what the Bible teaches us to actually do in obedience. To help them learn, I have made a list of commands that are easier for young people to understand and implement. You, as the parent, will need to select one command for each week. Keep in mind that my list is by no means exhaustive. I included commands from throughout Scripture. While Torah is our foundation, we need our children to see Scripture as a whole. Once you have selected a command, take a look at the passage or passages, and select one for your child to copy. Put it at the top of the commands worksheet. Have your child copy the verse or passage, and rewrite it in their own words. Then they need to come up with three ways to keep the command. Some may be harder, like being faithful to your spouse. They can pretend they were in that situation to be able to write three things.


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