Literary Analysis pack


I encourage my children to read fiction, but I want to know that they are truly benefiting from reading. Not every book, in fact, most books, are not written from a sound Torah perspective. How can they still benefit from reading? By teaching them to compare everything they read to Scripture.


I see literature as just another opportunity to help my children develop critical thinking, and the ability to compare choices and outcomes to Torah principles. I created this set of printables for that very purpose. As your child reads a work of fiction, they will be guided through various pages to help them evaluate and better understand what they are reading. Some of the pages include:

  • Character sketches, including descriptions, evaluating their behavior, and drawing a picture
  • Plot analysis, what happened when, how would the story change if they made different choices, etc.
  • Write a review
  • Write an alternate ending
  • Make a poster
  • Make comparisons between themselves and the character
  • vocabulary lists
  • books read list

I recommend that you print the full set of worksheets for your child, and have them fill it out as they read the book. When they are done, you have a detailed record of their journey through the book, excellent for record keeping, if needed.

You have permission to print this as many times as needed for your own family.

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