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Are you struggling with your Bible study time? I know I sometimes do. Some days, I feel good if I just read a passage, but may not remember much of it. That’s why I came up with this Bible journal. It gave me a way to read and also study Scripture.

This journal employs copywork as well as some thought provoking questions to help you learn more about YHVH, look for Yeshua, and evaluate where in your life you need to change.

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As I was sitting in my sukkah, reading Scripture, I thought it would be nice to have some sort of journal that would help me to think through the passage more, and apply it to my life. I had printed some Bible study guides off the internet, but they just weren’t working for me. They were usually too vague. I love copying Scripture, but I also wanted to specifically apply the passage to myself. So, after jotting down some ideas and notes in my sukkah, I came up with this journal. I love how it helps me to slow down and think through the passage. I know the value of using more of my brain to write the verses as well as read them. I also like that the prompts cause me to look at myself honestly and compare my character to Scripture. Most importantly, anytime I spend time in Scripture, I should walk away with a better understanding of who my God is.

Here are the different sections you’ll find in each two-page spread.

Space to write the reference for the passage you are reading
Lots of space to copy all or part of the passage
A box for jotting down cross references or similar passages, to be studied later
A place to list positive and negative commands
A place for examples from Bible characters
Room to write specific changes I need to make in my life
At the end, I am prompted to learn more and write about YHVH’s character, and look for references to Yeshua.

This Bible study journal is spiral bound with 10 mil laminated covers. It is over 180 pages, giving you enough room to use it daily for three months. The graphics are a beautiful tropical plant theme. The journal pages measure 7 x 9.5 inches, plus the spiral binding, a great size to use with your Bible. Includes a clear plastic clip-in bookmark.

Get ready to learn more from your time in the Bible! Don’t forget to compare yourself to the passages you read, and always learn more about YHVH’s character! Not sure what to study? Look for printable Scripture writing challenges on Pinterest. Each printable has about thirty passages, grouped by a theme or season. Several bloggers make these available each month.

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