Torah writing prompts


Use the weekly Torah portion as the base for your child’s writing assignments! This ebook has five writing prompts for each portion, from fun descriptions and story starters to thought provoking questions.

This is a PDF you may use for your family.


Torah Writing Prompts

As your family studies the Torah portion each week, why not incorporate it into other school subjects, as well? Torah writing prompts gives your child five writing ideas each week that are drawn from the Torah portion. They will be writing about choices the characters make, describing locations, and even trying their hand at poetry. I recommend that you wait until your child is at least ten before assigning more substantial original writing. You may want to assign a prompt each day, or only 1-2 a week and catching the rest the following year. This book is designed to be flexible to meet your needs. It has a chart for each Torah portion for you to record your child’s grades and dates.

This is a PDF that you may print for your family.

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