Welcome to Torah portion Miketz.

Miketz means At the End.

Scripture passage: Genesis 41:1-44:17


Read Aloud from My First Torah

Pharaoh, the king of Egypt, had a dream.

He dreamed about seven fat cows.

But then seven skinny cows ate the seven fat cows, and stayed skinny.

Then he dreamed about seven plump ears of grain.

But then seven skinny ears ate the seven plump ears, and stayed skinny.

What did it mean?


The butler remembered Joseph in prison.

Joseph knew that Elohim gives the meaning of dreams.

Elohim told Joseph the meaning of Pharaoh’s dream.

Joseph told Pharaoh that the seven cows and grain were seven years.

First there would be seven years with lots of food.

Then there would be seven years of famine, or no food.


Pharaoh put Joseph in charge of getting ready.

Joseph put food away during the good years and stored it.

When the bad years came, Egypt had lots of food.

But other countries did not have food.

Joseph’s family did not have much food.

Joseph’s ten brothers came to Egypt to buy food.

Joseph was in charge of selling the food, and dressed like an Egyptian.

His brothers did not recognize him!

But he recognized them, and decided to test them.

He accused them of being spies, even though they said they were brothers.

He knew that Benjamin, his little brother, did not come.

Joseph told the brothers to bring back their little brother.

Then he would believe them.


So nine brothers were very scared when they began to travel home.

Simeon was left in prison in Egypt.

When they stopped to rest, they discovered money in the sacks of food.

Now it would look like they were thieves!

When they got home, Jacob, their father, was not happy.

He had already lost his son Joseph, and did not want to lose his son Benjamin.


But Jacob had to let the brothers go when they ran out of food again.

This time Joseph invited his brothers to have dinner in his home.

The brothers had brought back all the money, and gifts for Joseph.

Joseph gave Benjamin extra food, and seated his brothers in the order they were born.

He sent them away with sacks of food, and put their money back in their sacks again.

He also put his special silver cup in Benjamin’s sack.

Then he sent guards after the brothers to stop them.

The guards found the cup in Benjamin’s sack!

The brothers were very scared now.

How could they return to their father without Benjamin?

Judah apologized to Joseph, and offered to be Joseph’s servant.

But Joseph would only take Benjamin as his servant.

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