Welcome to Torah portion Shemini

Shemini means eighth.

Scripture passage: Leviticus 9:1-11:47


Read Aloud from My First Torah

Moses began teaching Aaron and his sons about their jobs as priests.

First, Aaron learned how to give an offering.

He took a bull and a ram.

The people also brought animals for a sacrifice.

Moses taught Aaron each step to make sure he did it correctly.

It is important for each of us to do exactly what YHVH tells us.

We cannot make up our own way of doing things.

Aaron killed the offerings and his sons helped him.

They followed each step exactly.

They washed certain parts and burned certain parts.

They put the blood on the altar.

Then Aaron blessed the people.

YHVH appeared in all His glory before the people.

Then He sent fire down to consume the offering.

This showed that YHVH was pleased with Aaron.

All the people fell on their faces to honor YHVH.

Aaron had two sons, Nadab and Abihu.

They did not follow YHVH’s instructions exactly.

They did not choose to honor YHVH.

One day, they went into the Tabernacle.

They offered a sweet smelling offering that YHVH did not ask for or want.

He sent fire down and burned them up.

Aaron thought YHVH was very cruel to kill his sons.

But Moses explained that they had no respect for YHVH.

They chose to do wrong.

Then Aaron understood.

YHVH is a wonderful Elohim who cares for and loves us.

But He also is a powerful Elohim.

We need to obey Him to show that we love and honor Him.

YHVH then talked to Aaron.

He told Aaron that the job of priest is very important.

Aaron and his sons should be very careful as they do their job.

They were to be an example for all the people of Israel.

They also would teach Israel all about the Torah.

Sometimes Aaron and his sons made a mistake.

But YHVH knew that in their heart they were trying to obey.

He was happy to forgive them.

YHVH cares about what we put in our bodies.

He wants us to be healthy.

He tells us what animals we can eat, and what animals we cannot eat.

We can eat any animal that chews its cud and has a split hoof.

This includes animals like sheep, goats, cows, deer, giraffes.

Some animals, like the camel, rabbit, and pig, only have a split hoof, or only chew their cud.

We cannot eat these animals.

We can eat any fish that has fins and scales.

We cannot eat animals like octopus, shark, or lobster.

These animals are important to keep the water clean.

They are unhealthy for us.

We cannot eat certain birds, like vultures, ostrich, owls, hawks, and storks.

We can eat grasshoppers, crickets, and locusts. Yum!

We cannot eat lizards, mice, geckos, chameleons, or rats.

We can be very thankful for that.

YHVH gives us many instructions for keeping us healthy.

It is important for us to follow His directions.

He loves us and wants what is best for us.

But He is also powerful and will punish those who do not honor and respect Him.

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