Welcome to Torah portions Tazria and Metzora

Tazria means She will conceive and Metzora means Leper.

Scripture passage: Leviticus 12:1-15:33



Read Aloud from My First Torah

YHVH loves babies and children.

He wants the earth full of loving families.

He cares about dads and moms.

When a new baby is born, YHVH tells us how to care for mommy and baby.

Having a new baby is a lot of work for mommy, so she needs lots of rest.

If she has a baby boy, she rests for a week.

Then, on day eight, the baby boy is circumcised.

His parents do this to show that they want their son to be part of the covenant.

Then mom has time to rest and heal until the baby is 40 days old.

When a girl is born, she rests for 80 days.

This time of resting and healing is called niddah.

When her time of niddah is finished, she takes a sacrifice to offer to YHVH.

YHVH knows that sometimes people get sick and have diseases.

When we touch someone that is sick, we could get sick, too.

So YHVH showed the priests how to handle sickness and disease.

If a person has any sores or rashes on his body, he needs to go to the priest.

The priest will look at the sores to decide if the person has leprosy.

Leprosy is a very bad skin disease.

Sometimes the person would be shut up for seven days.

This would keep other people from getting sick.

If the person was healed after a week, he took a bath and went back to his family.

If a man or woman did have leprosy, he had to live outside the camp.

He had to warn everyone that he was sick.

He was very lonely and couldn’t live with his family.

But YHVH knows that this is the best way to protect more people from getting sick.

Sometimes disease could get on clothing.

The priests knew how to handle this, too.

If disease got into a house, the priests would check the house.

The house would get thoroughly cleaned.

If the disease continued to spread, the house was destroyed.

But if the disease was stopped, the priest would call the house clean.

He would take two birds, and kill one.

He would use the live bird, water, red yarn, special herbs and spices, and the blood from the dead bird.

With these, he would clean the house.

This was the sacrifice that YHVH wanted when a disease was healed.

When a person was healed of leprosy, they offered the same sacrifice to YHVH.

They took a bath and cut their hair.

Then, in a week, they brought a sacrifice to the Tabernacle.

A woman has an amazing body because she can grow a baby inside her belly.

Every month, her body prepares for a baby, just in case YHVH decides to bless her with one.

If YHVH does not bless her with a baby, her body cleans itself out.

During this time, she is niddah, just like when a baby is born.

She needs to sleep in her own bed, and sit in a separate chair.

Her husband is told not to touch her for a week.

These are important rules to follow because YHVH knows what is best for us.

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