Welcome to Torah portion Bamidbar

Bamidbar means In the wilderness

Scripture passage: Numbers 1:1-4:20


Read Aloud from My First Torah

YHVH told Moses to count the Children of Israel.

Each tribe was counted, but only the men that could go to war.

The tribe of Rueben had 46,500 men that were at least 20 years old and could fight.

Simeon’s tribe had 59,300 fighting men.

The tribe of Gad had 45,650 men that could go to war.

The tribe of Judah had 74,600 fighting men.

Issachar’s tribe counted 54,400 men.

There were 57,400 men in the tribe of Zebulun.

Ephraim numbered 40,500 men.

The fighting men in Mannaseh were 32,300.

Benjamin counted 35,400 men.

The tribe of Dan had 62,700 fighting men.

Asher had 41,500 fighting men.

Lastly, Naphtali numbered 53,400 men.

All the fighting men in Israel were 603,550 and that didn’t count the women and the children!

The Levites were not counted because they had a special job to do.

They would be in charge of the Tabernacle.

YHVH saved all the firstborn during the Passover in Egypt.

Since the firstborn were redeemed, or saved, they were chosen to care for the Tabernacle.

But instead of all the firstborn from every tribe coming to take care of the Tabernacle, YHVH put the Levites in charge of the Tabernacle.

All of the tribes camped together in the wilderness.

Each tribe had their own location in camp, and a banner above their tribe.

The Tabernacle was set up in the center of camp with all the tribes surrounding it.

Judah set up camp on the east side.

Issachar and Zebulun set up camp next to Judah.

When the trumpet sounded for the Children of Israel to begin marching, Judah led the march.

Reuben camped on the south side of the Tabernacle.

Simeon and Gad camped next to Reuben.

The tribes camped with Reuben marched out of camp second.

The Levites all camped directly around the Tabernacle.

Their job was to guard the Tabernacle.

They were always in the center between all the tribes when Israel set out to march.

The Levites carried all the parts of the Tabernacle.

Ephraim camped on the west side of the Tabernacle.

Manasseh and Benjamin camped next to Ephraim.

They began to march right after the Levites carried the Tabernacle out of camp.

Dan camped on the north side of the Tabernacle.

Asher and Naphtali camped next to Dan.

The tribes camped with Dan always set out last when the Children of Israel marched.

YHVH wanted everything done in an orderly way.

That is why every tribe camped in a certain place, and marched in a certain order.

The Levites also did their job in an organized way.

Each family was assigned certain parts of the Tabernacle to guard.

The Kohathites were responsible for carrying the Tabernacle when traveling.

They each were assigned a certain pole or curtain or piece of furniture.

They covered each piece with cloth and goatskin.

The larger items were carried on poles.

YHVH is pleased when we do our jobs in a neat and orderly way, too.

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