Welcome to Torah portion Ekev

Ekev means Consequence.

Scripture passage: Deuteronomy 7:12-11:25


Read Aloud from My First Torah

Moses reminded the people that when they obey, YHVH blesses them.

YHVH made a covenant, a promise, with them.

He would love and bless them.

He would give them many children.

He would give them big herds of animals.

He would give them plenty of food to eat.

He would keep them healthy.

He would help them to not be afraid.

He had saved them from Egypt, and He would save them from any other enemy.

He is our Elohim, and when we obey, He keeps the same promises to us.

YHVH gave them the Torah, so they would know how to live.

The whole time they were in the wilderness, He was teaching them how to live.

He gave them the manna to eat.

He kept their clothes and shoes from wearing out.

He wanted to prepare them to enter the Promised Land.

He knew that when they were richly blessed, they could forget to obey.

Moses warned the people to be careful to always obey.

It didn’t matter whether they had nothing or great riches.

They still needed to obey Torah, because Torah is the right way to live.

YHVH promised to clear the way for Israel to enter the Promised Land.

He did not do it because the Children of Israel deserved it.

They had made many mistakes, and disobeyed many times.

He was taking them to the Promised Land because He said He would.

Moses told the people how quickly they had forgotten to obey.

YHVH gave them the Ten Commandments.

As soon as Moses went up the mountain, they made a golden calf.

They called it YHVH, and worshipped it.

They were told to never make a statue of a god and worship it.

But Moses prayed for them and YHVH forgave them.

They complained many times.

They rebelled against Moses.

They refused to go into the Promised Land.

But YHVH forgave.

YHVH continued to keep His promises.

It was not because they deserved it.

It was because YHVH does what He says.

YHVH wanted Israel to go beyond obeying Torah.

He wanted Torah to be part of them.

He wanted them to know Torah so well, that they would know what to do.

He wanted them to have Torah in their hearts.

YHVH wants His people to obey with a willing heart.

We should fear YHVH because He is a powerful Elohim with the power to curse those that disobey.

But we should also obey YHVH because we love Him.

We obey because we are thankful to Him.

He is a wonderful loving Elohim that blesses His people.

He blesses and forgives, even when we don’t deserve it.

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