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The world is full of voices, telling us to be productive, to be organized, to give 110% all the time. If we follow these voices, we will only end up in one place -burnt out. I wrote this book to encourage you to listen to a different voice, the voice of your Creator. Planning is indeed essential, and will help you to manage your home and family better. But we must choose to plan and live our lives with purpose. We need a solid and noble reason to take the time to plan.

This ebook will help you to find a higher purpose for planning. We’ll look at the Bible first to help us determine our why for planning. Then we will explore lots of practical tips gleaned from years of my own life with seven children and a home business. In the past, I could have been the poster child for disorganization, forgetfulness, and chaos. But, I decided I wanted better for myself and my family. I share my journey and lessons learned to help you get to the end of the journey quicker. If you are struggling with time management, or remembering your responsibilities, this book is for you.  Let’s take a look at some of the specific topics covered.


    • cleaning routine for the tired and overwhelmed

    • ways to use a timer

    • meal planning

    • creating a homeschool lifestyle

    • using your planner for spiritual growth

    • to-do lists

    • long term goals

    • the importance of rest

    • and more…

This ebook is a quick read, designed to give you actionable items, so you can get out of the book and on with managing your life. It is part workbook, part inspiration and tips, to help you get started with a plan for your home and family. For less than the price of a fancy cup of coffee, you can be on your way to a life planned with purpose.

This is a downloadable PDF, you will not receive a physical product. Download and start reading right away!