Thank you so much for your desire to bring Torah into your home and family.

Your email with lots of amazing Torah centered printables will be arriving in your inbox shortly.  I am so glad to hear that you are somewhere along this Torah journey, and my hope is that I can share what I have learned along the way to help you. One of the big adjustments for me after leaving the church was realizing that my husband and I were now solely responsible for the spiritual education of our children. Many of the blog posts, resources, and products I have created are meant to help families take on this responsibility with confidence. I would like to recommend a first step to help you. 

Torah Portions Journal

When I was still single and teaching Bible clubs, I had a wonderful mentor. She taught me that you teach from your overflow. If you aren’t learning new things, you can’t teach well. We, as parents, are ultimately responsible for our children’s spiritual educations. We need to fill our own “spiritual cups” to be able to share truths with them. How often have you listened to a teaching or read a post on Facebook about this week’s Torah portion, and thought, “Wow, I want to remember that?” And did you? Probably not. It’s okay. We all forget things, especially me. That is why we need systems to store the information we want to keep.

That is why I created the Torah portions journal.

The Torah portions journal is a 200+ page printable designed to help you organize and record your studies of the Torah portions year after year. And it’s pretty!

The Torah portions journal has several features to help you record information about each Torah portion, and look forward to doing so.

  • Each Torah portion has a 2-page spread with the name and Scripture references for the portion. It also has prompts for you to write a summary, historical info, key words, and application.
  • Historical info is your spot to include background historical or cultural information. For example, you may write some details on Egyptian gods as you are studying the 10 plagues, or look at world events that happened in the same time frame as an event in the Torah portion.
  • I list a key passage from each portion for you to copy.
  • Each portion also has blank journal pages for you to take notes from teachings or books. You may also find it helpful to break the portion down into an outline.
  • Since the Torah portions journal is a printable PDF, I recommend you put it in a three-ring binder. Then you can add print-outs from websites, additional note pages, and any other tid-bits you find helpful.
  • It is designed to be added to each time you travel through the Torah cycle. You can add to your notes from the previous year and see how your understanding has grown.
  • You are creating your own Torah portions reference book that you can use each Shabbat as you teach your children or have Scriptural discussions with others.
  • It’s pretty! Each book of the Torah has a dandelion themed title page, and there are little decorations throughout the pages to give it a sweet, vintage feel.

You can get started this week! Just start with the next week’s Torah portion. Ideally, you will want to read through the Torah portion before Shabbat. Fill in a couple boxes. Copy the key passage. If you listen to teachings on Shabbat or have opportunity to discuss the Torah portion with others, take some notes! Then, move on the the next Torah portion. There’s no need to fill in all the pages right out of the gate. It’s a work in progress!

You can get started creating your own Torah portions journal right now for only $7. It’s a printable PDF that you will be able to download immediately.

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