Have you ever felt like prep day is the hardest, most tiring and busiest day of the week? You are not alone. When we try to do the right thing (keep Shabbat), we will be attacked. But we need to keep at it, pull out our sense of humor, and just do our best to get ready for Shabbat each week. It is sooooo worth it! I hope that I can keep things light and encouraging for you by sharing a blow by blow of one of my recent prep days. Enjoy!

8:00  nursing Calebchildrens ketubbah 2

8:30  went over math lesson with Holly, up and dressed

8:37  reading lesson with Sadie

8:52  math lesson with Sadie

9:13  smoothie breakfast

9:40  chasing my tail, laundry started, change diaper, tidy kitchen, pay day Friday started, Doug needs me to check something online (Pay Day Friday is a fun way for me to get extra cleaning help on prep day. I don’t give the kids an allowance, but I do pay them for chores on Friday. They pick up the number of items equal to their age. Each time they do this, they get a penny. They also get a penny for sweeping, mopping, taking out the trash, etc. It usually costs me $2-3 a week for all of them, but it is so worth it.)

9:58  breaking up a fight, decided that any fighting or bickering will result in them losing all points for pay day Friday

10:00  nursing, kids working in barn

10:27  got a bit distracted by a health article online

10:30  got the beans in the crockpot for dinner, switched laundry, still tidying kitchen, almost done smoothie!  Isaac threw out a bad egg, now the kitchen smells

10:40  Doug home, reminds me our bedroom is still trashed, yep, I know,  diverting to tackle 4 piles of clean laundry

10:50  Caleb wants to nurse again, so chatting with Doug at the kitchen table

12:34  Egats! Where has the day gone? Doug and I got sucked into a Bible discussion

12:48  I need to figure out the best way to handle my daughter’s self-righteous, “everyone else is an idiot” attitude, nursing Caleb, girls preparing lunch for everyone

1:06  Towels went over the back of the kitchen drawer, so now it won’t shut. Holly fished some out, then got out the tongs, dropped the tongs, we panicked, got the tongs out, drawer now shuts – egats!

1:40  spanish rice for my lunch, food prepped for dinner. Doug and I talked ourselves into a corner trying to change Saturday night’s dinner. In the end, we decided to stick with our usual chili.

1:50  nursing Caleb (pondering how funny it is that I can’t seem to write his name in cursive) The kids don’t seem very motivated to earn money today, too nice outside. Thankfully, we’ve been working hard all week, so it’s not a big deal.

2:00  Isaac entertaining Caleb so I can finally hang the diapers out on the clotheslinemyfirsttorah3

3:30  just remembered to defrost the meat for dinner – you can stop laughing now

3:40  kids are trying to kill the earwigs that came in with the laundry from outside. My question – will the laundry ever get put away?

4:30  everything ready for dinner, need to nurse Caleb again

4:40  laundry pile is receding!

5:00  singing the priestly blessing together in Hebrew to welcome another Shabbat! Praise YHVH!

And there you have it, a prep day at our house. Things don’t always go as planned, so we have learned to roll with the punches, cross some things off our list, and keep a merry heart to prepare us for a day with our Creator. Have a wonderful prep day, and an even more wonderful Shabbat!

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