New to Torah?

Photo courtesy Julia Ceasar

Are you new to Torah?

Have you recently discovered that the Old Testament is full of amazing things?

Did you just hear that Jesus is actually a Hebrew named Yeshua?

Then this page is for you.

Right now, you may be feeling that you hold a pearl of great price in your hands, yet you are mad that no one ever told you about it. You may have recently made the decision to cut ties with your church or fellowship. My husband and I have been there. We learned about Shabbat and the feast days and the amazing fact that our God has a name. When we started sharing these things in our class, we were given an ultimatum. Stop teaching those things or leave. We left. The road was rough starting out. My husband described this journey as not just the straight and narrow, but an abandoned deer path in the woods. It is a blessing to see so many more finding this narrow path now. I hope these tips will make the journey easier for you.

1. Forgive.

Yes, you have been taught lies. Yes, much of the traditions and teachings you have previously held dear have their roots in pagan worship. But you must forgive those who taught you wrong. Please remember that they have been taught wrong, too. The last 2000 years were not a mistake that caught the Creator by surprise. He has a plan and is in the process of carrying it out. Part of His plan for you is to learn to forgive. Forgive those who taught you wrong, and pray that they, too, will understand the great truths in Scripture. Forgive those who treated you badly and rejected your words. They do not reject you, but they reject your Father in heaven. Forgive yourself for living a life not in line with the truths of Scripture. Ask your Father to give you a heart of praise and thanksgiving.

2. Humble yourself.

Wow, you have learned so much in such a short time! You have been enlightened to the truth about Torah! You are keeping Sabbath and you wouldn’t dream of eating pork! Now, get on your knees and be on constant guard against pride. You don’t know everything. You are not better than anyone else. The more you learn, the more you will realize what you don’t know. Please don’t act like a know-it-all and put down other people that don’t see things the way you do. You have been given a gift and should have nothing but gratitude in your heart.

3. Spread out.

Don’t limit yourself to one teacher. Learn from many teachers. No one has everything right, but everyone has something to offer. Put your spiritual teeth to practice and begin feeding yourself. You must check everything you hear. Be able to back up your beliefs with Scripture. Learn to study for yourself so that you have something to share, too.

4. Enjoy the journey.

You are in for the ride of your life. Enjoy learning new things, and understanding your Heavenly Father in amazing new ways. Be patient with those around you. Help others along the way. Don’t murmur or complain. Understand that the Scriptures have many layers, and one passage of Scripture can have several meanings. Love your neighbor as yourself. Love YHVH with all your heart, soul, mind, and strength.
What have you been struggling with the most starting out? Which of these tips resonated most with you?
I have put together a free ebook called “A Beginner’s Guide to Torah Living.” It contains eleven tips that expound on these and will help you to start with a solid foundation. You can get your free copy and weekly emails by signing up below. Thank you for letting me be a small part of your Torah journey.
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