Messianic verses to write and study

One of the top ways that satan attacks us as Torah keepers is convincing us that Yeshua is not the promised Messiah. This is extremely dangerous ground, so we will be spending an entire month looking at passages about Yeshua. I encourage you to not only study the passages I found, but continue to look […]

Living a good life, verses to copy

As we study Scripture, we should always be looking to apply what we have learned. James tells us that the Bible is a spiritual mirror. When we look at the mirror and don’t look so good, we need to get to work to correct ourselves and match up with Scripture. This month, we will be […]

Peace in Scripture – verses to copy

This month we will be digging into the elusive topic of peace. Scripture says a lot about peace, how to live in it, who it is promised to, and more. Download your free printable verse list and matching journal pages by clicking the image below.

30 verses on family, free printable

This month, we will be copying passages all about the family, from the first married couple to many of the New Testament tips for a happy home. Family is the foundation of functioning society, as we can clearly see in the lack of family values in the world today. My hope is that you will […]

Eyes of Grace – Book Review

I was so delighted to be offered a chance to read this amazing book by the Lampkeeper and offer an honest review. It was exciting to be able to open the package and find fiction inside! I don’t usually allow myself to read fiction, not because I am diametrically opposed, but because I can’t put […]

Yah the One True God verses to copy

citrus fruit and verse list to copy

If we want to be able to trust and rely on our God, we need to better understand who He is. We also need to understand what sets him apart from other gods. My hope is that this monthly journey of verses will help you to better understand and as a result, worship and praise, […]

The wonders of creation verses

The wonders of creation are all around us as well as throughout Scripture. We can see YHVH’s hand as we look at creation. It is abundantly clear that creation had an intelligent designer. This month, we will be walking through several passages about creation and our Creator. Click on the image below to download your […]

Our God is amazing verses to copy

This month, I’ve been pondering how the world only pumps negativity into our lives. It depresses us and distracts us to the point where we are not living in our purpose and investing in the lives of those we love. The most sure cure I know of is to feed our minds some positivity. The […]

Writing the book of James

There is so much important truth in the book of James, so we will be spending the next month copying this amazing book. Download your free printable by clicking on the image below.

Learning about wisdom

This month, as we copy Scripture each day, we will be studying wisdom. You can download your printable below. Do you have an established routine for copying Scripture each day? If so, I’d love to hear about it. If not, here are some tips.