Are we guarding the Sabbath?

A week ago, we had a couple friends over for dinner on Friday night to enter the Sabbath with us. As many of you know, we always have burritos on Friday night. It allows us to put Friday night dinner on auto pilot. Every Friday morning, our oldest son puts about a half gallon of […]

Learning to truly rest on Shabbat

My brain is a very active place. It buzzes with ideas, chews on recent events, even occasionally worries about the future. I don’t know if it’s because I’m an introvert, or if everyone’s brain is like a beehive. I’m very happy most days living in my head, but on Shabbat, it can be hard to […]

Establishing a Torah time

torah time

When I was younger, I taught Sunday school. Each week, I welcomed a rambunctious group of third and fourth graders into my little classroom. I had colorful posters, object lessons, memory verse games, and storytelling. I don’t go to that much effort now, but my husband and I have established a time each Shabbat after […]

5 ways to have a peaceful Shabbat

peaceful shabbat

[grwebform url=”″ css=”on” center=”off” center_margin=”200″/] Are you finding that sometimes Shabbat doesn’t really feel like the gift that it is supposed to be? A lack of peace may be your problem. Take a look at these 5 ideas for having a more peaceful Shabbat, and see if they help you to embrace the weekly gift […]

Scripture coloring pages

As I have talked about before, it is so important to find ways to bring Scripture into your everyday life. We are commanded in Deuteronomy to post Scripture on the doorposts of our home. What better way to meditate on and surround ourselves with Scripture than to color and hang Scripture on the wall? These […]

10 Great Things to do this Shabbat

this shabbat

Shabbat is the best day of the week! We have worked hard for six days, and then it is time to rest. It’s time to set aside the cares of the world and spend time with YHVH and our families. But how should we spend the day? Here are ten great ideas to have a […]

Scripture on your doorpost


YHVH wants us to surround and immerse ourselves with His instructions. With obedience to His commands comes great blessings. But we are feeble humans, and if we are not constantly reminded of His Word, we will soon forget. So, we are commanded to post Scripture on the doorposts of our home. Hear, O Israel: YHVH […]

Secret message to do list

Prep day usually involves a lot of chores and a rather long list of jobs to do. It does at my house. So I’m always trying to invent new ways to keep the chores fun and get everyone involved. On every other day, the kids are required to simply do their chores because they are […]

Shabbat Snacks


Why is it that on Shabbat, everyone is hungry? This post will hopefully help you fill those incredible rumbly little tummies when you can’t prepare a full meal. Here are some snacks that we like to enjoy on Shabbat.   cheese and crackers fruit muffins ants on logs (celery sticks with peanut butter and raisins) […]

Shabbat activities – scavenger hunt


Enjoy some warm weather fun with your family. Have an outdoor scavenger hunt! Work on the list all together or split up into teams. Have fun! Look for pinecone feather flower bark water bird squirrel stick pretty rock fern something red something smooth something prickly something shiny something loud something soft something manmade something beautiful […]