Learning to truly rest on Shabbat

My brain is a very active place. It buzzes with ideas, chews on recent events, even occasionally worries about the future. I don’t know if it’s because I’m an introvert, or if everyone’s brain is like a beehive. I’m very happy most days living in my head, but on Shabbat, it can be hard to […]

Prep Day FAQs

We’ve all been there. We learn about the Torah and how all of Scripture stills applies. We learn that we need to keep the Sabbath on the seventh day. Then we hear about this thing called Preparation Day. At first glance, and even after trying to keep Shabbat for weeks or months, preparation day can […]

Secret message to do list

Prep day usually involves a lot of chores and a rather long list of jobs to do. It does at my house. So I’m always trying to invent new ways to keep the chores fun and get everyone involved. On every other day, the kids are required to simply do their chores because they are […]

Prep day checklist

Here are some helpful reminders to help you get everything ready for Shabbat, because no one wants to remember the wet load of laundry in the middle of a relaxing and refreshing Shabbat. Have you… 1 taken care of the laundry, particularly the wet stuff? I make sure I have clean diapers every Friday and […]

Prep day tips

Here are a few tips to help you with your prep day tasks. 1 Use paper plates. Right now, my kitchen is clean. However, that can quickly change. I can end the day with a clean kitchen if I don’t keep dirtying dishes. We also use paper on Shabbat. To save money, we reuse them […]

A peek at one of my prep days

Have you ever felt like prep day is the hardest, most tiring and busiest day of the week? You are not alone. When we try to do the right thing (keep Shabbat), we will be attacked. But we need to keep at it, pull out our sense of humor, and just do our best to […]

My new game

My mind has been going a bit deep lately.  I’ve been completely engulfed in trying to learn who YHVH is and how to trust Him for everything.  He is slowly showing Himself to me and He is ever faithful. But I still live on this planet, and I thought I’d make my ever important job […]