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Ki Teitzi means When you go forth.

Scripture Passage: Deuteronomy 21:10-25:19


Read aloud from My First Torah

In a country where everyone keeps Torah, servants are treated with respect.

Firstborn sons have a right to a double portion of their father’s belongings.

If children disobey their parents, they need to be disciplined.

This helps children learn what is right.

If the child grows up and still refuses to listen to his parents, his parents take him to the elders of the city.

If he is rebellious, drunk, and selfish, then he is to be stoned to death.

If a person sees someone’s animal loose, he should take it back to the owner.

If that is too far, he should take it home and care for it.

Then the owner can come and get it.

When a person finds something that someone else lost, he is to return it to the owner.

Women are to only wear clothes for women.

Men are to only wear clothes for men.

Animals should be treated with kindness.

A mother bird and her eggs should not be eaten in the same day.

A house should be safe for those that visit it.

A field should not be planted with two different kinds of seeds.

An outfit should not be made with wool and linen.

To remember to obey the Torah, the people should wear tassels on the corners of their clothes.

A man should treat his wife with honor and honesty.

A wife should also treat her husband with honor and honesty.

A man should treat women honorably, and a woman should cry out for help if a man treats her wrong.

When someone uses the bathroom, it has to be taken care of properly.

It makes the camp unclean.

If there is no proper bathroom, it must be buried outside the camp.

When a brother needs to borrow money, he should not be charged extra.

When a person says they will do something, they must do it.

It is better to not promise at all, than to break a promise.

It is fine to eat food in a neighbor’s vineyard, but not to take it home, unless they give it as a gift.

When a man gets married, he takes a whole year off from work or fighting in a war.

Anyone who does something wrong must pay the punishment for his own crime.

When food gets dropped during a harvest, it is left for widows, orphans and the poor.

If two people get into a fight, they are to go to the judges.

The judge will decide who is guilty and needs punishment.

When an animal is doing work for its owner, it deserves food and even a treat.

When a man dies, his brother should marry his wife.

This is called the law of the kinsman redeemer.

Then the man will still have children born with his name.

They will receive his inheritance.

When doing business, both people should be honest.

They should use the correct weight to weigh things, and the right money to pay.

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Suggested Activities

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Tzitzits for sale

Torah Principles

  • Use just weights and measures, fair business practices
  • Keep your home clean and safe.
  • Wear tzitzits to remember to keep the commands.
  • We should be known for our kindness to both people and animals.
  • Marriage is worth investing in, and both men and women are to be treated with honor.

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