Welcome to Torah portion Yitro.

Yitro means Jethro.

Scripture passage: Exodus 18:1-20:23


Read Aloud from My First Torah

Jethro, Moses’ father in law, heard about all the wonderful things that had happened to the Hebrews.

He met Moses in the wilderness.

Moses told him all the amazing things that YHVH had done to deliver the Hebrews from Egypt.

Each day, Moses listened to the people’s problems and showed them how to use Torah to solve their problems.

Torah helps us solve our problems, too.

Jethro saw that this was too much work for Moses, so he gave Moses a plan.

Get men to teach smaller groups of people about Torah. They can send the hard problems to you, Moses.”

This was good advice and Moses followed it.

Soon the Hebrews came to the base of Mount Sinai.

This mountain is very special to YHVH.

Moses often went up this mountain and talked directly to YHVH.

YHVH had delivered the Hebrews from Egypt, and now He wanted to make a covenant, a special promise, with them.

He had made a covenant with Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.

Now He wanted to make this covenant with all His people, Israel.

He instructed Moses to have the people get ready.

They needed to wash their clothes and prepare themselves to hear from YHVH.

Moses made a boundary around the mountain so no one could climb it.

On the third day, the people saw lightning and a black cloud over the mountain.

The thunder surely scared them.

They came to the mountain as smoke filled the air.

The mountain shook like an earthquake.

Then YHVH came down and spoke to the people.

He said, “I am YHVH, who delivered you from slavery in Egypt.

I am your only Elohim.

Do not serve any other gods.

Do not make any statues or pictures of gods that you design like things found in nature.

Do not bow down to them or serve them.

They are wicked gods, but I have the power to bless you if you obey, or curse you if you do not obey.

Use my name with respect, and do not forget it.

Remember to keep Shabbat every week.

You are to work hard for six days, but on the seventh day, you are to rest.

I blessed Shabbat and want to meet with you on that special day.

Honor your father and mother.

Treat them as a wonderful treasure and respect and love them.

Do not murder another person. Show value for other people.

When you marry, be faithful to that person always.

Do not take anything that does not belong to you.

Do not tell a lie. Do not accuse someone of doing wrong, when they are innocent.

Be content and satisfied with what you have.

Do not keep looking at what everyone else has and try to get it for yourself.”

YHVH wanted all the Hebrews and all of us to follow His commands.

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