Welcome to Torah portion Ki Tavo

Ki Tavo means When you come in.

Scripture passage: Deuteronomy 26:1-29:8

ki tavo

Read Aloud from My First Torah

Moses continued to prepare the people for going into the Promised Land.

He told them about firstfruits and tithes.

Firstfruits is when they take the very first part of their harvest and bring it as an offering to YHVH.

Every time they brought firstfruits, they were to remember how Abraham had wandered in the desert.

YHVH had made a covenant with him.

His children’s children had gone down into Egypt and become slaves.

But YHVH had heard their cry and brought them out as free men.

He brought them to a land flowing with milk and honey and blessed them.

Then the people rejoiced before YHVH, thankful for His blessings.

They were to share their blessings with those in need every three years.

As the people continued to obey, YHVH would continue to bless them.

He treasured the people of Israel and wanted only what was best for them.

Moses wanted the people to obey even after he died.

He told the people to write the laws on large stones after they crossed the Jordan.

They would set the stones up on Mount Ebal.

They would build an altar with stones, but without any tools.

There, they would offer sacrifices and rejoice before YHVH.

Moses told the people to recite the blessings and the curses from on top of Mount Ebal and Mount Gerizim.

Half the tribes would stand on one mountain, and half the tribes would stand on the other mountain.

The Levites would yell:

Cursed is anyone who makes a statue of a god.

Cursed is anyone who dishonors their mother or father.

Cursed is anyone who moves his neighbor’s property line.

Cursed is anyone who mistreats the blind or handicapped.

Cursed is anyone who is unjust.

Cursed is anyone who attacks his neighbor.

Cursed is anyone who does not obey the Torah.

But YHVH promises to bless those that obey.

They will be blessed wherever they live.

They will have many children and plenty to eat.

They will not have to fear their enemies.

They will be a special people set aside for YHVH.

Those that do not obey will be cursed.

They will be cursed wherever they go.

They will not have many children and will not have enough food.

They will have disease, confusion, and fear of their enemies.

They will plant but there will be no rain to water the crops.

They will be abused and robbed.

They will be sent into a strange land, where strange gods are worshipped.

Since they did not serve YHVH, they will serve other gods.

They will always wish for life to be better.

Moses told the people once again how YHVH had brought them out of Egypt with great wonders.

He took care of them in the wilderness.

Their shoes didn’t even wear out.

He helped them defeat King Sihon and King Og.

They needed to be thankful and obey YHVH.

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