30 verses on family, free printable

This month, we will be copying passages all about the family, from the first married couple to many of the New Testament tips for a happy home. Family is the foundation of functioning society, as we can clearly see in the lack of family values in the world today. My hope is that you will find ways that you can pour more into your own family as you study through these passages this month.

Click on the image or following button to download your monthly verse list and matching journal pages. Download it for you, and don’t forget to encourage others to download it as well. I am seeing blessings spreading all over as extended family members and friends are getting in the Word through this simple monthly verse list.

In the following video, I talk about how you can encourage others with the monthly verse list.

Scripture copywork books, choose your title


One of the best things we, as moms, wives, and most importantly, believers in the God of the Bible, can do is to get in our Bibles daily. To this end, I create a monthly verse list to help you get in Scripture. I am a strong believer in the benefits of not only reading,…

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