30 days of Torah parenting ~ Day 25

torah parenting

Monthly challenges can be great fun. They help us improve our lives one little step at a time. Great changes take little bits of work over time. So I am pleased to bring you a month of ideas to help you improve your Torah parenting skills. I am excited to hone myself during the month […]

Rubber boot homeschool week #10

I have been spending some time working on homeschool materials for Sadie this week. She is a smart girl, but there are some areas where I want to spend some time. Aspergers is not a “disability” in my view, but she does need to be taught some things on purpose, where other kids are simply […]

Thanksgiving memories

Twelve years ago today, a young man was very scared. His whole life was at stake, and he had no control over the outcome. He did not know what the future held, but he had to take the risk. He had to know the answer to his question. So he got down on one knee, […]