Welcome to Torah portion Terumah.

Terumah means portion.

Scripture passage: Exodus 25:1-27:19


Read Aloud from My First Torah

YHVH wanted to live among the Israelites in a very special place.

He chose what kind of house He wanted.

He chose a tent.

YHVH told Moses to take an offering from the people.

An offering is a gift that is given with a willing and joyful heart.

The gifts would be gold, silver, brass, linen fabric, skins, wood, oil, precious gems, and spices.

YHVH showed Moses exactly how He wanted everything made.

First, YHVH described the Ark of the Covenant.

It would be made of wood like a box, and covered inside and out with pure gold.

Rings would be put on the corners. Two poles would be put through the rings so that the Ark could be carried by the poles.

The Ten Commandments would be placed inside.

The lid of the Ark would look like a seat, and be called the Mercy Seat.

Two angels would be on top with their wings spread.

The whole seat would be pure gold.

Moses was also shown how to make the Table of Showbread.

It would be made of wood and covered with gold.

It would have fancy gold trim and rings and poles for carrying.

Special bread would be placed on it.

The menorah would be a beautiful lampstand made out of one solid piece of gold.

The seven branches would have gold almond blossoms decorating them.

Each branch would hold oil and a wick so it could light up the inside of the Tabernacle, YHVH’s special tent.

The walls of the Tabernacle would be embroidered linen curtains.

Angels would be embroidered in blue, purple, and scarlet, a deep red.

Each curtain would hook to the next one with hooks and loops.

The roof would be made of layers of goat hair curtains, ram skins and hides.

The tent poles would even be covered in gold, with silver sockets to hook everything together.

Moses was shown how to put the Tabernacle up and take it down.

A special curtain would divide the inside of the Tabernacle.

The most holy place would contain the Ark of the Covenant.

Only the high priest would be allowed to go in there, and only on one day a year.

The holy place would have the Menorah and the Table of Showbread.

Outside the Tabernacle, in the courtyard, would be a bronze altar.

This would be the place to make sacrifices to YHVH.

It would be made of wood covered with brass.

It would look like a big box with horns coming off the corners.

It would have fancy trim around the edges, and a grate for handling all the ashes from the fires.

It would have rings and poles for carrying, too.

The courtyard would be surrounded by a wall of linen curtains.

The poles holding up these curtains would be made of bronze.

Silver sockets would be used for holding everything together.

The oil for the Menorah was to be pure olive oil, and the Menorah was to be kept burning at all times.

YHVH designed a beautiful place for Him to dwell among the Israelites, His people.

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