Welcome to Torah portion Tsav

Tsav means Command.

Scripture passage: Leviticus 6:1-8:36


Read Aloud from My First Torah

YHVH explained to Moses how to give each of the different offerings.

Aaron and his sons would be in charge of these offerings.

They needed to follow YHVH’s instructions exactly.

Giving an offering is part of approaching YHVH and showing Him honor.

He has decided how we should honor and approach Him, and it is important to obey, even in the details.

YHVH explained the order of jobs.

He described how to do each step.

He even told the priests what clothing to wear.

All they had to do was listen, learn, and obey.

The first offering YHVH described is the burnt offering.

This offering was to stay on the altar all night, with the fire going.

The priest wore his linen garment except when taking the ashes outside the camp.

The fire on the altar burned at all times.

The grain offering was made of fine flour.

Part of the flour was mixed with oil and frankincense and burned on the altar.

The rest was enjoyed as flatbread by the priests!

The sin offering was very holy, or set apart.

The priest who offered the sin offering could eat it in the Tabernacle.

Any priest who offered a sin offering was allowed to eat it.

The priests relied on the offerings and sacrifices for their food.

It was YHVH’s gift to them.

During a guilt offering, all the fat from the animal was burned on the altar.

The priest who offered the sacrifice was allowed to eat it.

He was also given the hide from the animal.

A peace offering could be brought by anyone who wanted to say thank you to YHVH.

He would bring an animal to offer, as well as flat and regular bread.

He shared some of the offering with the priest, and was allowed to eat the rest himself.

He was to eat it on that day or the next day, but never on the third day.

The priests were allowed to eat the meat that was offered for sacrifices.

But they were not to eat the fat or the blood.

This was YHVH’s gift to all the Levites, since they did not have an inheritance in the land.

After Moses explained all the offerings, he brought Aaron and his sons to the Tabernacle.

Moses anointed the Tabernacle and everything in it with oil.

This means that he set them apart to be used for YHVH.

Moses offered sacrifices and used the blood to anoint Aaron and his sons.

They were set-apart to do YHVH’s work in the Tabernacle.

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