I am so thankful that I was homeschooled for 10-12 grades. I am thankful for the opportunity to homeschool my own children. I am learning as I go, right along with my children. The articles I write are part of my journey. I am not an expert, but I know that if you can teach something to someone else, you have mastered it yourself. This is my effort to become a master. πŸ™‚ Someday I know it will happen.

You will notice that my weekly homeschool summaries are called Rubber boot homeschool. I love to wear my very colorful rubber boots. It makes me feel unique. We are all unique, and that fact should be celebrated. We each do things a little differently, and that is exactly what our Creator wants. So be unique! Homeschool your children with some personality. Give your children yourself, in all its color.

I hope you enjoy these articles. Maybe they will be helpful to you. Maybe not. Either way, I benefited from writing them. Shalom, and happy homeschooling.

How do I homeschool Torah?

School blow by blow (Fall 2012) – the start of our journey with the Robinson Curriculum

Rubber boot homeschool week #1

  • routine: schedules and timers
  • homemaking: butchering a sheep, baking, cleaning bathrooms

Cooper homeschoolRubber boot homeschool week #2

  • homemaking: butchering a sheep
  • history: cattail weaving

Rubber boot homeschool week #3

  • toddlers: language development
  • history: Babylon

Rubber boot homeschool week #4

  • homemaking: baking

Rubber boot homeschool week #5

  • history: compare everything to Torah

Rubber boot homeschool week #6torah_class_logoAffiliatebanner-125x125

  • geography: seven continents
  • history: the value of living books
  • routine: developing an evening routine

Rubber boot homeschool week #7

  • spontaneity while homeschooling
  • routine: using a picture chart

Rubber boot homeschool week #8homeschool

  • reading
  • writing
  • letters

Rubber boot homeschool week #9

  • suggestions for Torah studies
  • a recommended art book

Our schoolroom

Children’s Torah notebook – This is a neat idea to help you teach your children the commands in Scripture.

Homeschooling radio interview – In this interview, I talk about how to incorporate Torah studies into your homeschool day.

Copywork – Everything you ever wanted to know about this very useful tool.

Hebrew resources – A page full of tools to help you learn Hebrew.

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