10 days of heart issues ~ Tell the truth


(Reprint from July 2012) Welcome to 10 days of heart issues. We’re going to spend some time digging a little deeper. Look beneath the surface and begin to clean out some things that were going unseen. I would encourage you to get a little notebook and write down your thoughts, the things you discover, your […]

Working with creation 2


I just finished mulching the raised beds in the vegetable garden this morning. It is very interesting to me that as we work with plants and animals, YHVH softens our hearts to them. YHVH teaches us to be kind to the mother bird in her nest, by not taking her and the eggs at the […]

Working with creation

I’ve been learning a lot about gardening and animal care. What I’ve discovered is that we humans like to do things the hard way. We try to create a system that is missing crucial pieces and then artificially recreate those pieces. As many of you may have already discovered, Torah has a lot to say […]

Shavuot 2013


Feast days are so special, and each leaves us with unique memories and lessons. I’m excited to be able to share some special moments from our Shavuot this year. 🙂 Anticipation of feast days often gives me mixed feelings. While I love feasts, the idea of a crowd, particularly new faces, can be quite overwhelming […]



Shavuot is coming soon! How will you be celebrating this year? Shavuot is a celebration of the wheat harvest, and is a wonderful opportunity to show YHVH your gratefulness for all His blessings. Here are some ideas to help you in your celebration. Celebrate outside! What a wonderful way to connect with YHVH’s blessings! Rejoice […]

Shavuot craft


We are midway through counting the omer in preparation for Shavuot! During Shavuot, we celebrate YHVH’s blessings during the wheat harvest. In the Torah, we are told to wave a loaf in thanksgiving. And we love to let everyone take part in feast days. But I don’t want to give a loaf of bread to […]

Doula for a day

As I have learned more about ancient Israel as a nation and people, I have come to appreciate that they are an earthy, passionate people. They embrace life in every aspect, the ups and downs, the ordinary and the not so ordinary. All of life is connected, and the physical events we experience teach us […]

After their kind

YHVH, please forgive me for not noticing, for not taking the time to investigate, for not connecting the dots. I want to serve you with all my heart. I want to have a pure walk, undefiled before you. This world is so filthy, and I didn’t see the mud puddle I was standing in. Thank […]

Shabbat Shalom 2-15


Good morning everyone! I hope you are having a productive and smooth prep day as we head into Shabbat. I wanted to share a happy accident with you today that you just might find useful for Purim. My daughter Holly was helping me make pizza last night. She has a wonderfully adventurous spirit when it […]

Resources for Shabbat


Wow, another Shabbat is almost here! We started early this week to get ready for Shabbat. The big question will be: Can we keep the house clean until Shabbat? Time will soon tell. This week I’d like to share with you some resources to help you teach Torah to your children. These are a couple […]