The wonders of creation verses

The wonders of creation are all around us as well as throughout Scripture. We can see YHVH’s hand as we look at creation. It is abundantly clear that creation had an intelligent designer. This month, we will be walking through several passages about creation and our Creator. Click on the image below to download your […]

Our God is amazing verses to copy

This month, I’ve been pondering how the world only pumps negativity into our lives. It depresses us and distracts us to the point where we are not living in our purpose and investing in the lives of those we love. The most sure cure I know of is to feed our minds some positivity. The […]

Writing the book of James

There is so much important truth in the book of James, so we will be spending the next month copying this amazing book. Download your free printable by clicking on the image below.

Learning about wisdom

This month, as we copy Scripture each day, we will be studying wisdom. You can download your printable below. Do you have an established routine for copying Scripture each day? If so, I’d love to hear about it. If not, here are some tips.

Yah’s love for us verses to copy

Yah has many characteristics, but one that brings us much comfort is the fact that He loves His people. This month, let’s look at some of those passages that show us His love for us. As you read and copy, be sure to look for cross references and parallel passages. How has He shown His […]

August verses – Foundational truths

It’s important to remind ourselves of the foundations of our faith from time to time. This month, we will be copying passages with some of these important truths. You can download your free printable and matching journal pages below by clicking the image. You can also subscribe to our monthly copywork subscription and receive a […]

The Spiritual Side of Planning

I had the opportunity to speak at the recent Torah Sisters retreat in Michigan. The entire workshop is available for you to watch below, along with a link to the printable handout to go along with it. I hope it will be a blessing to you. I’d like to dedicate it to my mother, who […]

Taking heed of Yah’s commands copywork

This month, we will be exploring passages of Scripture about Yah’s commands, and what happens when we heed them or ignore them. Get ready to copy lists of His commands, as well as prayers asking for help to obey, and rewards for obedience. Why do we copy Scripture, instead of just reading it? It helps […]

June verses – write through Philippians

Philippians is an incredible, hands-on guide to righteous living. To make sure we don’t miss any of the good stuff, this month we will be copying the whole book. It is so important to always study Scripture in context. What better way than to study an entire book? I encourage you to look for the […]