Verses to pray for your husband

This month, I was going through one of my old Scripture journals, rereading the passages and the prayers I had written out. I kept that journal at a time when my husband was facing a lot of challenges and uncertainty. Many of the passages were prayers that I prayed for him. I thought it would […]

Praise, whether we feel like it or not

YHVH is worthy of praise, no matter what. He never changes. He is rock solid and reliable. He is working for our good behind the scenes, even when we feel like He is far away. I want to encourage you this month as you copy Scripture, to choose praise. Many of us have much to […]

June verse list

The planting season has begun in full swing. The Bible has a lot to say about all things agricultural. In fact, as we learn about farming, plants, gardening, etc., we understand the Scriptures better. Many of Yeshua’s parables were farming stories, using physical concepts to explain spiritual ideas. Many of this month’s verses are about […]

YHVH is my strength copywork

It’s time for a new month of verses to copy. This month’s verses show us how YHVH is our strength, our rock, our fortress, our protection. I hope you will find encouragement and security as you study the character of YHVH this month. A couple of the passages stretch over several days because the verses […]

Freedom and deliverance verses

It’s time for another month of copywork verses, and as we head towards Passover, my mind is on themes of freedom and deliverance. I never tire of hearing the Exodus story where we were miraculously delivered from slavery. After that amazing event, Yah often introduces Himself as the One who delivered us from slavery. Even […]

Verses on paths for March

This month we will be exploring verses about paths, following Yah, our walk, etc. I hope you enjoying strolling through these passages and find your faith strengthened. I also included a music video below for one of our favorite songs. It is Psalm 23 sung in Hebrew by the band Miqedem. Enjoy! You can download […]

Declutter your heart

We often discuss decluttering our homes and cars and purses. We scroll through Pinterest looking for ideas. We sort our belongings into piles to help us decide what to do with it all. I’m a strong believer in decluttering. Getting rid of our extra belongings helps us to manage our homes better. It also greatly […]

February verses on prayer

This month, we will be copying Scripture on the all-important topic of prayer. As you work through the passages, take this opportunity to begin a habit of prayer. Many people find it beneficial to write out their prayers, as well as track prayers and prayer requests. You may want to try this as well. You […]

Verses on fruits and works

Welcome to a new month of copying! How many of you have been following and copying along? Be sure to leave a comment if you have been writing Scripture each month! This month, I collected verses that talk about fruit (fruit of our labors, fruit showing our faith, etc) and works. James tells us that […]

Copy Scripture with me

Most of the time, I am consistent to get in my Bible every morning when I drink my coffee. Each morning and each passage looks a little different, but this video gives you a peek at one of my Bible study mornings. My daughter was kind enough to hold the camera over my shoulder to […]