5 things to simplify this summer

Summer is an awesome time of year. I love being able to walk outside barefoot and hang my laundry outside on the line. But summer can also get a bit hectic and we may crave a bit of simplicity. Here are some areas where you can simplify. 1. Simplify Bible study Scripture reading should be […]

Worship from an 8 year old

We’ve been working on developing some good habits lately. Many times we get a good thing in place and something happens to throw us off. With pregnancy and a newborn to care for, daily Bible study had become a thing of the past. So, we have been working very hard to make sure we study […]

Caleb’s birth story

I have struggled for a week to write Caleb’s birth story, to make sense of it all. He is a most precious gift, a sweet little baby, but he did not arrive in the way I envisioned. I know there are lessons to be learned from every situation YHVH brings us. But I also think […]