Declutter your heart

We often discuss decluttering our homes and cars and purses. We scroll through Pinterest looking for ideas. We sort our belongings into piles to help us decide what to do with it all. I’m a strong believer in decluttering. Getting rid of our extra belongings helps us to manage our homes better. It also greatly […]

February verses on prayer

This month, we will be copying Scripture on the all-important topic of prayer. As you work through the passages, take this opportunity to begin a habit of prayer. Many people find it beneficial to write out their prayers, as well as track prayers and prayer requests. You may want to try this as well. You […]

Verses on fruits and works

Welcome to a new month of copying! How many of you have been following and copying along? Be sure to leave a comment if you have been writing Scripture each month! This month, I collected verses that talk about fruit (fruit of our labors, fruit showing our faith, etc) and works. James tells us that […]

Copy Scripture with me

Most of the time, I am consistent to get in my Bible every morning when I drink my coffee. Each morning and each passage looks a little different, but this video gives you a peek at one of my Bible study mornings. My daughter was kind enough to hold the camera over my shoulder to […]

December verse list Psalm 119

This month, we will be copying through Psalm 119! This is a fascinating chapter since almost every single verse tells us more about the Torah. I encourage you to make some lists while you copy this month. How many words are used for Torah? Look up those words in the Hebrew. What descriptive pictures are […]

Verses about sheep and shepherds to copy

I so enjoyed collecting the verses for this month’s copywork. All the verses have to do with sheep and shepherds, especially the Good Shepherd. We have raised sheep for about 15 years, and they have been very interesting to observe. We have also raised goats, and they are a completely different animal, pun intended. As […]

Gratefulness in Scripture for October

It’s time for a new verse list! I am so excited to see so many of you joining me each month to read and copy Scripture together. The most important thing you can do as a wife and mother is strengthen your relationship with your Abba, YHVH. We know that we can talk to our […]

Journey through Colossians – verses for September

We are almost to the beginning of a new month, which means more Scripture verses! I received a suggestion to work through a smaller book of the Bible over a month, and I think this is a lovely idea! What better way to make sure we are keeping everything in context? This month, we will […]

Wisdom in Scripture, August verses

This month, we will be exploring the concept of wisdom in Scripture. Obviously, there will be plenty of proverbs, since Proverbs is considered the book of wisdom. I encourage you to look for connections between passages to get a better understanding of how to get true wisdom. If you plan to do more than just […]

Verses on salvation for July

This month, we will be copying verses on a very important topic: salvation. I have included references to salvation in general, as well as some Messianic references. I see many believers learning to keep Torah, and then rejecting Yeshua as the Messiah. My hope is that these verses will get you started on a journey […]