I’m a guest poster!

Things have been pretty exciting here lately, and not just in my sister’s life. I haven’t had a chance this week to share that I will be guest posting at another homeschool blog next week. I’m super excited to be sharing about science at www.classichousewife.com next Wednesday. Amber is taking part in the two week […]

Happy Day

To bring you all up to speed, Ian was born yesterday morning. We were anticipating either dwarfism or downs syndrome. But no one anticipated he would be born with cleft palate and pierre robin (shortened jaw). He is unable to eat as a result. So he was flown by helicopter last night to a big […]

Happy Pesach!

Yes, I know! I’ve been a bit quiet lately. But I wanted to take a minute and wish all of you a blessed Pesach and Feast of Unleavened Bread. I must admit that preparations are largely to blame for my absence. This is the first year that we have hosted Pesach on purpose. (Last year, […]

Team Cooper

I love seeing my family work as a team. In Torah, the most important unit is the family. We must work together effectively as a strong family. So we look for every opportunity to practice. This evening, I needed to bring the flock back in from the front pasture. This can be done alone, but […]

Gluten free chocolate cake

chocolate cake

It is a place I didn’t anticipate traveling to, but here we are. With the knowledge we have now, we have decided to move towards gluten free. I love baked goods, so I have been doing a lot of experimenting. The caved in muffins were a huge disappointment, but we are “rising” above it. Here […]

My First Torah – Pekudei

Vayakel/Pekudei Exodus 35:1-40:38 Click here to learn more about My First Torah. Click here to download the illustrated printable PDF.   Moses gathered all the people together. He taught them about keeping the Sabbath. He also asked them to give gifts for building the tabernacle. They were all happy to give. They brought jewelry and […]

Have you judged someone today?

It could be like coffee for some people, the need to judge other people’s motives and actions. It’s an important job really! We need to determine in our hearts what is wrong with other people, so we can tell them how to improve. Without us, there would be no hope for them. Since we have […]

At our house

When you hear a redwinged blackbird sing, you know everything will be okay. This was our front yard only a few days ago. Everything was white and getting to the barn involved a knee deep trek. Doug had some difficulties in the wonderful world of aviation, and we used the tractor to tow his truck […]

The prophecy game


Prophecy can be a fascinating topic of discussion. My husband often reads news articles and ponders how they could relate to prophecy. We believe YHVH has led us to prepare our family in certain ways for the days ahead. But you may have noticed that Torah Family Living has a definite lack of anything prophecy […]

My First Torah – Tetzaveh

Tetzaveh Exodus 27:20-30:10   Click here to learn more about My First Torah. Click here to download the illustrated printable PDF. Moses was instructed to make his brother Aaron a priest. Aaron would do all the jobs in the tabernacle, with the help of his sons. They would offer sacrifices on the altar. They would […]