Creating a birth sukkah–Bible verses

I printed some verses to look at during my labor with Noah 2 1/2 years ago. They were a great comfort to me. I was anxious to add a few to my list for this baby due in about 10 weeks, give or take a few. I found some printable verses specifically chosen for labor […]

Creating my birth sukkah 3

This has been a week of revelations and deep introspection. This baby has been very quiet compared to my other babies, and it was easy to begin to worry. It was easy to get caught up in making sure I do the right exercises, take the right supplements, eat the right food. I knew I […]

Creating my birth sukkah – 2

Gramma and I got quite a bit done on my birth sukkah this week! I really wanted to create the atmosphere of a tent. Also, we’re working in a garage with building materials leaning against the walls and a concrete floor. Translation: lots of things to hide. Answer: curtains! Please forgive my not so perfect […]

Creating my birth sukkah – 1

Just a warning: This post and the ones following in this series will probably only be of interest to women that are pregnant or plan to have more children. A big sorry to the rest of you, but, hey! This is where I’m at right now! Birth is one of those experiences where the more […]