Practical niddah


UPDATED! I wrote the bottom portion of this post on niddah back in 2012. Since then, my husband and I have grown in our understanding of niddah, and I want to show you what we have learned. But, I don’t want to delete those original thoughts because they were part of my journey, and I […]

When niddah comes to call part 2

I’m lying in a strange bed watching a romantic movie by myself crying my eyes out. Yes, niddah has come to call again. I want to feel my husband’s embrace. I want to sleep in the same bed. But I must choose. Will I choose to fulfill my physical desires? Or will I choose to […]

When niddah comes to call

              When my husband and I were engaged, we did not touch and we were never alone. The slightest brush, a tap of the foot under the table, were cherished and remembered with delight. In the absence of physical contact, we learned to communicate. We became the best of […]

Kid friendly niddah laws?

Ok, you might have noticed that we made it to the middle of Leviticus. You know, that part that talks about childbirth and leprosy and all that good stuff. Are you going to read it to your kids, or skip it? Well, I would encourage you to tackle it, but before you do, I’ll share […]

Torah home management – decluttering

I live in the year 2012. I have 1700 sq ft in the main part of my home. I have a basement and a garage. I have outbuildings. I have succeeded in filling them up with stuff. It’s my fault. I didn’t throw away the pens that didn’t work. They didn’t seem like trash. I […]

Torah home management – routine


I thought I had a great idea. Why not write about what Torah has to say about home management, and specifically routine? I already wrote some posts about Torah parenting, and even some books. Surely Torah has something to say about how we run our homes, too. Little did I know the post would end […]

Torah parenting – The tower of Babel

Your house is full of kids, 80% of which do not belong to you. Craziness has insued. They have bad ideas in their heads and nothing will stand in their way. What do you do? Torah parenting means that we follow our Heavenly Father’s example. We don’t need to look any farther than the Tower […]

The Power of a wife


We women do not often realize the great power we have in our role as wives. The home rises and falls on the woman. The tone and atmosphere is set by her. The spiritual compass is often in her head. The ability to influence and build up her husband lies squarely on her shoulders. She […]

Torah parenting – Cain and Abel

I am tempted to say that I am glad I do not have a son like Cain. But then I realize I must be very careful. A “Cain” could be waiting for me tomorrow. What can we learn from this very sad story? Cain and Abel were different, with different personalities and tastes. Cain preferred […]

Torah parenting – Adam and Eve

The theme of my website is “Torah family living.” How can we apply Torah to everyday family life? What does the Torah say about parenting? Can we go beyond Deuteronomy chapter six, and the teaching that rebellious children are to be stoned? I think we can. But it might require a little thinking outside the […]