Time for repentance

My husband, being a pilot, looks up at the sky a lot, and always has. Lately, he has seen some interesting and perhaps alarming things. It has also become quite clear that as we look around us, troubling times are ahead. YHVH tests and judges His people first, before He deals with the world. I’ll […]

Sukkot 2013

We had a wonderful Sukkot this year! After several years, we felt like we finally ironed out all the kinks and could really enjoy our time. Doug was thoughtful enough to help us keep the meals very simple, so I could rest during the whole week. I basically moved from my cot to a chair […]

Yom Kippur 2013

Back in July, Doug requested nine days vacation for the fall feasts. A week before Trumpets, we were shocked to discover that he had only been approved for one day, Feast of Trumpets. We felt like our world had crumbled apart. We knew it was risky, but we politely asked if there was any possible […]

Yom Teruah 2013

We had a wonderful time celebrating Yom Teruah! We visited, the kids had relay races, we feasted, and of course, there was lots of shofar blowing! We even tried to think of all the events in Scripture where a shofar was involved. How many can you come up with? While you are thinking, I hope […]

10 days of heart issues–Pray Daniel’s prayer

  Reprint from July 2012 We often think of Daniel as a man who had things right. He didn’t have any need for confession, right? Yet, that is exactly what we find him doing in Daniel chapter 9. Pray Daniel’s prayer And I set my face unto the Lord God, to seek by prayer and […]

Movie review – The Story of Ruth

Our family decided to take the plunge and join a movie club. We settled on Christian Cinema, to be able to get good family films and Biblical dramas. Today, I’m excited to review a movie we recently watched called The Story of Ruth. My children and I enjoy Biblical dramas, particularly for a peek at […]

Shavuot 2013


Feast days are so special, and each leaves us with unique memories and lessons. I’m excited to be able to share some special moments from our Shavuot this year. 🙂 Anticipation of feast days often gives me mixed feelings. While I love feasts, the idea of a crowd, particularly new faces, can be quite overwhelming […]



Shavuot is coming soon! How will you be celebrating this year? Shavuot is a celebration of the wheat harvest, and is a wonderful opportunity to show YHVH your gratefulness for all His blessings. Here are some ideas to help you in your celebration. Celebrate outside! What a wonderful way to connect with YHVH’s blessings! Rejoice […]

Shavuot craft


We are midway through counting the omer in preparation for Shavuot! During Shavuot, we celebrate YHVH’s blessings during the wheat harvest. In the Torah, we are told to wave a loaf in thanksgiving. And we love to let everyone take part in feast days. But I don’t want to give a loaf of bread to […]

Lessons in the leaven

The feasts each have something to teach us about Torah, about our Elohim, about our Savior. And every year we learn something new in our journey. Passover was such a delight this year for us. Our children are grasping truths, and sitting still during the seder lol! I’d like to share a few highlights from […]