Teaching our children to fess up

We recently had a little event that gave ample opportunity to apply Torah principles. One of my children, which asked to remain nameless, broke a drill bit belonging to Doug. She came to me and showed me the broken drill bit, not knowing what to do. She was very sorry, and I saw the opportunity […]

What kind of light am I?

We are supposed to be a light to the nations, drawing them to YHVH and His wonderful Torah. We should be like a candle in the window, beckoning travelers to come in and get refreshed. “Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works and glorify your Father which is […]

Focus on today

I admit that I have been a bit absorbed with making my own planner of late. At first, I made a spiral notebook that I simply wrote everything in. Then I discovered traveler’s notebooks. Determined to make do with what I have, I made my own. I used the cover from an old hardcover book, […]

A praise and YHVH’s provisions


I’m very protective of my prep days. I’m a one event per day kind of person, and getting ready for Shabbat is my one event for the day. I made a list with 22 items. I crossed off three, and sat down to eat some edible creation that Holly had fixed for me. “Mom, my […]

Bible study and prayer

There are many ways to study the Bible and have a “quiet time.” I’m sure many of you have developed a great routine, but Bible study and prayer is something I have struggled with. When I first embarked on this Torah journey 8 years ago, I felt like I was praying to a different God […]



I don’t share all my life details and struggles online. I’m sure you don’t either. Some struggles are kept deep inside. We may not be prepared for the possibility of criticism or judgment, so we keep our struggles hidden. But there is One who understands. We are safe in His arms, and we don’t have […]

Prep day checklist

Here are some helpful reminders to help you get everything ready for Shabbat, because no one wants to remember the wet load of laundry in the middle of a relaxing and refreshing Shabbat. Have you… 1 taken care of the laundry, particularly the wet stuff? I make sure I have clean diapers every Friday and […]

Saying I’m sorry


Apologies are important, and so much more than saying sorry. YHVH asks us to have a heart of teshuva, of repentance. Not only should we confess our sin to YHVH, but we should apologize to each other. A sincere apology is a healing salve to a hurt relationship. I learned this lesson well this week […]

Love your children as yourself


One of Torah’s two guiding principles is loving our neighbor as ourselves. Torah gives us many examples of this, such as respecting property lines and helping someone with a burden. How do we show this love to our children? We need to treat them the same way we would want to be treated in their […]

Keeping Torah isn’t enough


After my seventh child, Caleb, was born, I found myself in a very dark place emotionally. I had never experienced “baby blues” or whatever you want to call it, but I sure had it this time. I wanted to crawl in a hole away from the world. I felt like a failure. I felt lonely. […]