Free screentime printable


In our modern techno world, screentime like movies, games, tablets, computer, etc. can seem inevitable. I think the best case scenario would be to eliminate everything, but again, that is probably not realistic for most of us. So, I hope I have found a happy medium. My husband and I were starting to see signs […]

When mom has health issues

health issues

Today I want to share with you one of my hidden struggles and how I have learned to rise above it. I’m a mom with chronic health issues. I hope my tips will help you if you struggle with health issues as well. I have mentioned briefly before that I have a genetic disorder called […]

Teaching our children to fess up

We recently had a little event that gave ample opportunity to apply Torah principles. One of my children, which asked to remain nameless, broke a drill bit belonging to Doug. She came to me and showed me the broken drill bit, not knowing what to do. She was very sorry, and I saw the opportunity […]

Love your children as yourself


One of Torah’s two guiding principles is loving our neighbor as ourselves. Torah gives us many examples of this, such as respecting property lines and helping someone with a burden. How do we show this love to our children? We need to treat them the same way we would want to be treated in their […]

Keeping Torah isn’t enough


After my seventh child, Caleb, was born, I found myself in a very dark place emotionally. I had never experienced “baby blues” or whatever you want to call it, but I sure had it this time. I wanted to crawl in a hole away from the world. I felt like a failure. I felt lonely. […]

Caleb’s birth story

I have struggled for a week to write Caleb’s birth story, to make sense of it all. He is a most precious gift, a sweet little baby, but he did not arrive in the way I envisioned. I know there are lessons to be learned from every situation YHVH brings us. But I also think […]

Mothers – to be or not to be

  I recently came across an article that left many people upset in its wake. It was written by an Amy Glass and summarized her feelings about marriage and child raising. I haven’t linked to it here, partly because it is nothing but filthy nonsense, and partly because I don’t want to spend hours trying […]

Incident report forms

We had the most hilarious and inspiring parenting incident not too long ago, and it was all inspired by a facebook post. I read this clever idea of requiring incident report forms when a child wants to tell on another child. I did not have a chance to make up some official forms before an […]

Pinterest or Polaroid?

I enjoy spending some time on pinterest occasionally. I love looking at the delicious prepared meals and the perfectly decorated rooms. Many bloggers also have a wonderful ability to get lovely photographs, you know, the ones where their children are immaculate and dressed in coordinating outfits. It’s easy to look at these staged photos and […]

A Flattened Tonka Tale

My son Noah is very fond of his metal Tonka truck. He drives it around the yard and up and down the driveway everyday. I often park it in the ditch on the way back from the mailbox because its little driver got a bit tired. It was a very sad day indeed when the […]