Verses on salvation for July

This month, we will be copying verses on a very important topic: salvation. I have included references to salvation in general, as well as some Messianic references. I see many believers learning to keep Torah, and then rejecting Yeshua as the Messiah. My hope is that these verses will get you started on a journey […]

How to study the Bible

We all understand the importance of reading our Bibles, but how do we go about studying it? Are there certain things we should be looking for? Is there a correct way to go about it? What is the goal of studying, as opposed to just reading? Let’s take a look at how to study our […]

Scripture copywork printable August

scripture copywork

Oh, how we need our days filled with truth! We need to come to the table and eat the bread that YHVH has provided. I hope you have or are working on a routine that reminds you to spend time in the Word every day. I am super excited to offer you a free printable […]

Using a planner for growth


Focusing on spiritual growth in our lives is essential. Without an intention to become more like our Saviour, we become stagnant and completely blind to our faults. We are instructed to work out our salvation, which does not mean that we save ourselves, absolutely not! Rather, we are to listen and obey, continually striving to […]

A prayer of confession for Yom Kippur


I came across this prayer in Philip Goodman’s “The Yom Kippur Anthology.” I read it aloud on Yom Kippur and barely got through it because I was crying so hard. It is quite a lengthy prayer, but has a way of putting us face to face with our sin, and the seriousness of it. I […]

Moms need copywork, too

My life is filled with meal preparation and laundry, squabbles, cleaning, teaching, and even a few meaningful conversations. Often, each day runs into the next, and monotony can set in. We learn to be very efficient at what we do, but we never challenge ourselves, or question the deep issues of life. We might get […]

The thankful and the complainers


I think we might divide up all the people in the world into two classes- the complainers and the thankful. Which one are you? Which am I? – Elisabeth Elliot We all know the importance of being thankful. The Bible is full of instructions to be grateful. One of our national holidays is devoted to […]

Questions for Bible study

bible study

When I was a teenager traveling around teaching Bible clubs, it seemed a lot easier to spend time in the Bible and journal about what I learned. I enjoyed spending that quiet time in my room after teaching clubs all day. Now that I have seven noisy children, I tend to fall into bed at […]

Why do I keep Torah?

keep Torah

I’ve never written a post like this before, since I have always assumed that people who find my site already know to keep Torah. My job is to help them teach their children, and see the implications of keeping Torah in everyday family life. But, I have realized that, at some point, we each need […]

A visual way to study the Bible

I have shared in the past several ways to study the Bible. It can be easy to read a chapter in Scripture and not really grasp what you just read. When I was young, and the Old Testament was simply a house for stories like Jonah, Daniel, and Father Abraham, it was easy to read […]