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P.S. Quick question! How well do you know the Torah portions? They are foundational to understanding how to live out Torah principles in our daily lives.

As a believer who came out of the church, I was shocked to discover how unfamiliar I was with the Torah portions specifically and the Old Testament as a whole. If you see me emphasize the Torah portions, it is because many of us were left with a huge knowledge gap in this area. Couple that with the importance of parents teaching Scripture to their children, and it becomes paramount that we as parents actively study the beginning of our Bibles. Do you feel you are studying sufficiently, or could you do better? I would put myself closer to the latter category. There is so much to learn! With that in mind, I put together a printable to help you study and record what you are learning from the Torah portions. It gives you a way to organize and reference your studies, and pull from your studies to teach your children. And it’s pretty!

You can find the Torah portions journal right here!

Take advantage of this beautiful, printable journal to get started with, or continue, your study of the Torah.

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