Family Torah School 2013 – Day 1

This summer, spend a week with your kids having fun and learning more about Torah, reminiscent of vacation Bible school. This year’s theme is “My favorite farm animals.” The kids helped pick out a farm animal for each day, and everything for that day is loosely tied to the animal. Here you will find a basic plan and lots of ideas to help you have a great week.

torahAnimal of the day – Goats

Bible Story

The first Bible story that comes to mind when I think of goats is Jacob. Pick any part of the story you like, but you may want to focus on the wonderful fact that YHVH has purpose for our lives. Jacob went through so many different circumstances, some of them very difficult. But YHVH was in control through them all, slowly building the nation of Israel through one man.

You may want to make an illustrated book together of the major events of Jacob’s life, and talk about how YHVH was with him during each one. Here is a list of major events to get you started.

  • Born as the result of a prophecy during Rebekah’s pregnancy.
  • Gained the birthright from Esau.
  • Gained the blessing from Esau.
  • Saw the ladder with angels going up and down to heaven.
  • Married and had lots of children, the beginnings of a nation.
  • Lost Joseph when he was sold into slavery.
  • Protected through the famine.
  • Found Joseph again and lived the remainder of his life in Egypt.


  • You may want to try your hand at some simple dairy products. Milk kefir is very easy to make.
  • Older children may enjoy the challenge of creating a goat toy out of pipe cleaners and yarn. A wonderful picture can be found here to get them started.
  • Younger children will probably enjoy a simpler paper craft such as those here, here, and here.


  • cheese and crackers
  • pudding
  • grilled cheese sandwiches

Activity ideas

  • Find some farm animal toys and maybe a barn, and just get on the floor and play with your children.
  • Watch the movie Jacob.
  • Learn more about goats. Get some books from the library or do some searching online. You may find the coolest websites are run by people who raise goats.
  • Here’s a simple copywork page about one of our baby goats.
  • Make no-cook cottage cheese. This recipe is taken from the book “Natural Meals In Minutes,” which would be an excellent addition to your cookbook library. You will need 3 cups warm water, 1 junket rennet tablet, 2 c dry milk, and 1 c real milk or buttermilk. I put all the items in my blender, mix well, and let sit overnight. In the morning you will have cheese. Pour everything through a cheesecloth lined strainer into a pan. In the pan, you will have a nice amount of whey, which can be used for fermented food recipes. In the cheesecloth you will have a soft cheese that can be eaten on crackers. Enjoy!

Memory verse list

This list will hopefully give your children enough verses for the whole week. I would recommend printing one for each child and hole punching next to each verse as they are able to recite it. And by all means, have some cute little prizes for them to earn as they learn.

King James Version

Bible in Basic English Version


We hope this gets you on your way to a great time as a family! Enjoy!

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