Welcome to Torah portion Vezot Haberakah.

Vezot Haberakah means This is the blessing.

Scripture passage: Deuteronomy 33:1-34:12

vezot haberakah


Read Aloud from My First Torah

Moses blessed all the Children of Israel before he died.

“YHVH came to dwell among us!

He is an awesome Elohim with fire in His right hand!

He is king over all the tribes of Israel.”

Moses blessed each of the tribes.

Rueben would live and not die, but be few in number.

YHVH would defend Judah against his enemies.

Levi stayed faithful to YHVH when everyone else followed the golden calf.

The tribe of Levi would serve as priests and teach the Torah to all of Israel.

Benjamin would dwell in safety surrounded by YHVH.

Joseph would be blessed with the best of everything.

He would be given fruit, produce, and gifts from the earth.

He would be majestic like a firstborn bull.

His son Ephraim would number in the ten thousands.

His son Manasseh would number in the thousands.

Zebulun would be blessed in his travels.

Issachar would be blessed in his tents.

They would offer pleasing sacrifices to YHVH.

They would eat from the plentiful fish in the sea.

Anyone who helped the tribe of Gad would be blessed.

Gad would be a very good warrior.

He would carry out justice for YHVH.

Dan would be like a lion’s cub.

Naphtali would be well liked and blessed by YHVH.

They would live by the lakes in the south.

Asher would be well loved among his brothers.

He would be known for his strength.


Israel would live in safety!

The children of Jacob would live in a rich land of grain and wine.

Israel would be happy, knowing that YHVH their Elohim saved them!

He protects them!

He delivers them from their enemies!


Moses finished blessing all the tribes of Israel.

Then he climbed up to the top of Mount Nebo.

From there, he could see the Promised Land.

He could see the sea, the plains, the palm trees.

He could see what a beautiful land it is!

And then he died.

YHVH buried him there on the mountain.


Joshua was a very wise man, and the people began to follow him.

But Moses had been a truly amazing man.

He had spoken with YHVH face to face as a friend.

He had witnessed all that YHVH did in Egypt, and how YHVH brought His people all the way to the Promised Land.

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