Welcome to Torah portion Chayei Sarah.

Chayei Sarah means Sarah’s lifetime.

Scripture passage: Genesis 23:1-25:18

chayei sarah

Read Aloud from My First Torah

Sarah lived 127 years before she died.

Abraham was sad to lose his wife.

Abraham went to the Hittites to buy land for a burial place.

He paid full price for the land.

Then Abraham buried Sarah in a cave on the land he bought.


Abraham wanted to make sure Isaac got a very good wife.

He wanted a girl from among his family.

So he sent his trusted servant to the city of Nahor.

The servant would be able to find a good wife for Isaac.

The servant took ten camels with him, and stopped at a well.

He wanted to make sure he picked the right girl, so he prayed for help.

He prayed that the right girl would offer him water and water for his camels.


Rebekah came to the well.

She was from Abraham’s family.

She was from Abraham’s family.

She offered the servant water, and water for his camels.

She brought enough water from the well to give to all ten camels.

This showed that she was a hard worker and willing to share.

Then the servant knew that Rebekah must be the right girl.

He thanked Elohim for answering his prayer.

He gave Rebekah a gold ring and two gold bracelets.


Rebekah took the servant back to meet her family.

He explained his whole story.

He told how Elohim had answered his prayer to find a wife for Isaac.

Then he asked Rebekah’s family if he could take her to marry Isaac.

They said that Rebekah could go.


The servant gave gifts to everyone in Rebekah’s family.

Then they asked Rebekah if she was willing to go and marry Isaac.

She said, “I will go.”

Rebekah said goodbye to her family and climbed on a camel.

She took her nurse with her and traveled back with Abraham’s servant.


In the evening, Isaac was out in the field.

He saw some camels coming in the distance.

It was Abraham’s servant and Rebekah!

Rebekah asked who the man in the field was.

Abraham’s servant told her that the man was Isaac.

So she put on a wedding veil to prepare to meet him.

Isaac and Rebekah were soon married and were very happy together.


Abraham had another wife named Keturah.

She gave him many children.

But Isaac was still the special son that Elohim promised.

Abraham died at 175 years old.

Isaac and Ishmael buried him in the same cave where Sarah was buried.

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