Welcome to Torah portion Vayigash.

Vayigash means And He Approached.

Scripture passage: Genesis 44:18-47:27


Read Aloud from My First Torah

Judah told Joseph that losing Benjamin would kill his father.

Then Joseph started to cry.

He sent everyone else away and told his brothers the truth.

He told them that he was Joseph, their brother.

Joseph told his brothers that Elohim had a plan.

Elohim sent Joseph to Egypt to save people from the famine.

Joseph told his brothers to get Jacob and bring him back to Egypt.

They could bring their families and their animals.

They could live in the good land of Goshen.

Joseph would make sure they had plenty of food.

Joseph was so happy to see his brothers.

They talked and talked.


Pharaoh was very happy to hear that Joseph’s brothers had come to Egypt.

Pharaoh offered to give Joseph’s family good land to live in.

Joseph sent many gifts for his father.

He sent carts for all the children to ride back on.

He sent new clothes and food and donkeys.


Jacob was so excited to find out that Joseph was still alive.

He decided to go to Egypt and see Joseph again.

On the way, Jacob had a dream.

Elohim told Jacob that He would be with him in Egypt.

He would bring Jacob’s family back out of Egypt again.


Seventy people came to Egypt with Jacob.

He had many children and grandchildren.

Joseph came out in a chariot to meet his father.

Jacob and Joseph hugged.

They were so happy to see each other again.


Pharaoh wanted to meet Jacob, too.

Jacob told him that they were shepherds.

They needed land to graze their flocks.

So Pharaoh gave Jacob and his family all the land of Goshen.

Goshen was a very rich and good land.


Soon even the Egyptians got very hungry.

They ran out of money to buy food.

So Joseph bought all their animals.

They ran out of animals to buy food.

So Joseph bought all their land.

They ran out of land to buy food.

So Joseph bought them as servants.

After that, the Egyptians gave a tax to Pharaoh every year.

They were very thankful that Joseph saved their lives.


Jacob and his family settled in Goshen.

They lived very happily and had more children.

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