Welcome to Torah portion Chukat

Chukat means Statute

Scripture passage: Numbers 19:1-22:1


Read Aloud from My First Torah

YHVH had explained to the people that some things make a person unclean, like touching a dead body.

Touching a dead body was not sinful, but the person needed to be cleaned before they could approach the Tabernacle, or bring an offering.

YHVH provided the law of the red heifer.

The people picked a perfect red heifer, or young female cow, and brought it to the high priest.

The high priest offered it as a sacrifice.

The ashes were put in water and used to cleanse people who were unclean.

After the people had been traveling in the wilderness for a long time, Miriam died, and was buried in the wilderness.

The Children of Israel ran out of water and began to complain, just as they always had.

They wondered why they had ever left Egypt.

Moses prayed and asked YHVH what to do.

YHVH told him to speak to the large rock, and water would come out.

When Moses got to the rock, he was so angry with the people for complaining that he hit the rock two times!

Water came out and the people had plenty of water.

But YHVH was not happy.

He told Moses that because he did not obey and show YHVH as a set apart and special Elohim, he would not go into the Promised Land.

The Children of Israel traveled close to the land of Edom.

They asked for the right to travel through Edom.

They promised to not take any water or leave the road, and pay for any needs.

But Edom refused and met them with an army, so Israel had to go another way.

Soon the people came to Mount Hor.

Aaron and his son Eleazar traveled up Mount Hor.

There, Aaron gave his clothes to his son and died on the mountain.

Now Eleazar was the high priest for Israel.

The Children of Israel began to meet some of the people that lived in Caanan, the Promised Land.

They asked YHVH to help them, and soon defeated the king of Arad.

They destroyed all his cities, too.

As they continued to travel around the land of Edom, they complained again.

They even wished that YHVH had never brought them out of Egypt.

They wanted food and water and were sick of manna.

YHVH sent terrible serpents into the camp.

Many people got bit and died.

But then the people realized that they were wrong to complain.

They asked Moses to pray for the snakes to be taken away.

YHVH heard their prayer, and gave Moses instructions.

He made a snake out of bronze metal, and put it high on a pole.

Anyone who got bit only needed to look up at that snake and he would be healed.

By looking at the snake, they were showing their trust in YHVH for their deliverance.

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