Teaching our children to fess up

We recently had a little event that gave ample opportunity to apply Torah principles. One of my children, which asked to remain nameless, broke a drill bit belonging to Doug. She came to me and showed me the broken drill bit, not knowing what to do. She was very sorry, and I saw the opportunity […]

Saying I’m sorry


Apologies are important, and so much more than saying sorry. YHVH asks us to have a heart of teshuva, of repentance. Not only should we confess our sin to YHVH, but we should apologize to each other. A sincere apology is a healing salve to a hurt relationship. I learned this lesson well this week […]

Love your children as yourself


One of Torah’s two guiding principles is loving our neighbor as ourselves. Torah gives us many examples of this, such as respecting property lines and helping someone with a burden. How do we show this love to our children? We need to treat them the same way we would want to be treated in their […]

Caleb’s birth story

I have struggled for a week to write Caleb’s birth story, to make sense of it all. He is a most precious gift, a sweet little baby, but he did not arrive in the way I envisioned. I know there are lessons to be learned from every situation YHVH brings us. But I also think […]

Building our homes – Lessons from Nehemiah conclusion


As we reach the end of our Nehemiah study, we find ourselves full circle back to the beginning. Neh 8:2  So Ezra the priest brought the Law before the assembly, both men and women and all who could understand what they heard, on the first day of the seventh month.Neh 8:3  And he read from […]

Building our homes – Lessons from Nehemiah ch. 5


We are almost to the end of our Nehemiah journey, with just one more post to follow. Have you found it helpful so far? Who’d have thought that Nehemiah had so much to say to homemakers? Today we’ll take a look at Nehemiah ch. 5. Nehemiah discovered that the Jews were charging interest to each […]

Creating a birth sukkah–Bible verses

I printed some verses to look at during my labor with Noah 2 1/2 years ago. They were a great comfort to me. I was anxious to add a few to my list for this baby due in about 10 weeks, give or take a few. I found some printable verses specifically chosen for labor […]

Building our homes–learning from Nehemiah ch. 4


Nehemiah and the many people building with him had managed to build the wall up to half its height. But now the trouble came. Please take the time to read Nehemiah ch. 4. People began to jeer and mock. They called the job impossible. They laughed at Nehemiah’s efforts. They even gathered together to fight […]

Creating my birth sukkah 3

This has been a week of revelations and deep introspection. This baby has been very quiet compared to my other babies, and it was easy to begin to worry. It was easy to get caught up in making sure I do the right exercises, take the right supplements, eat the right food. I knew I […]

Building our homes–Lessons from Nehemiah ch. 3


Nehemiah had surveyed the wall. He was prepared for the opposition. Now it was time to build. But Nehemiah did not do it alone. Each gate or section of the wall was built by a separate group or family. Each group worked at the same time so that the wall grew in record time. The […]