Verses on salvation for July

This month, we will be copying verses on a very important topic: salvation. I have included references to salvation in general, as well as some Messianic references. I see many believers learning to keep Torah, and then rejecting Yeshua as the Messiah. My hope is that these verses will get you started on a journey […]

How to study the Bible

We all understand the importance of reading our Bibles, but how do we go about studying it? Are there certain things we should be looking for? Is there a correct way to go about it? What is the goal of studying, as opposed to just reading? Let’s take a look at how to study our […]

Courage verses to copy in June

I want to start by giving a big shout out to my mother. She faithfully copies from my monthly verses every month, and never fails to remind me that the new month is quickly approaching so I can get the new list ready. Thank you, Mom! This month’s verse list is loosely based on the […]

Verses on peace for May

This month, I selected several passages on peace. The passage in I Kings is a prayer of Solomon, very interesting. You can download the printable free below, along with matching journaling pages. Enjoy! Looking for more ways to be consistent on intentional about spiritual growth? Check out our used books about Biblical living here.

April copywork verses – Isaiah

Isaiah seems to be one of those books of the Bible that is chock full of gems and treasure. Unfortunately, many of us don’t spend that much time reading and studying it. This month, for our Scripture copywork, I journeyed through Isaiah and found some wonderful, encouraging passages to read, copy, and study. There are […]

Come out of her my people

I have been reading Revelation a lot lately. It seems that students of the Scriptures have been debating the identity of Mystery Babylon for centuries. I don’t think anyone was going to be able to identify it until it was right in our faces. I firmly believe that time is now. I want to give […]

Scripture copywork leading up to Passover

This month, as we copy Scripture, I want us to be looking forward to Passover. It’s less than two months away! We will be spending February and March copying from the book of Exodus. We will cover Moses and Aaron telling the people about YHVH’s plan of deliverance, all the way to the Passover celebration. […]

Free Scripture copywork verses for January

It’s that time again! Are you ready for another month of verses for reading, studying, and copying? You can download the free printable verse list along with matching journal pages by clicking on the image or the button below. I hope you enjoy the graphics. I thought we could all use a bit of green […]

December Scripture copywork printable, free journal pages

I know it’s the last day of the month, but I finished just in time! Here is the Scripture printable for December. My six-year-old helped me pick the graphics for this month, and I think he did a great job of capitalizing on the adorable. I’ll let you get right to it, so here is […]

Scripture printable for November, free printable

It’s time for some more verses to copy! I was just having a conversation with my husband the other day about how I can help other women. I can’t come in your homes and have encouraging chats with you, or give you a magic button to help you grow spiritually. But, I can do one […]